It is inevitable that some electrical equipment will fail or malfunction, and that is the worst time to discover that your manufacturer’s warranty has expired.


The experts at Z‑Band have a solution: Our Advanced Replacement Program (ARP) will protect you from situations like this and give you peace of mind during unexpected failures.

Z‑Band’s wide range of professional video products and solutions are designed to meet the highest standards of reliability and quality; so it’s no surprise that Z‑Band offers warranty protection as well.

In addition to the standard support and warranty, Z‑Band’s ARP provides extended firmware/software and product coverage, advanced access to our technical support engineers, rapid turn-around of replacement products, as well as valuable online resources to help you maintain your video service and ensure critical video equipment is always fully operational. Contact us for an ARP quote today.

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overnight-shipping Free Next Day shipping and no charge on ARP replacement products. checkmark
phone-support Unlimited phone support during normal business hours. checkmark
5-years-warranty Can be offered up to 5 years past standard manufacturer’s warranty. checkmark
firmware-updates Free firmware and software updates for applicable Z‑Band hardware. checkmark
product-training ARP includes all baluns in the Video Distribution System. checkmark
reduced-rates ARP includes discounted rates for engineering support. checkmark