Support Services

  • Client-Site Live System Demo/ Demo Kits Available For Customer Training
  • Free System Design Assistance: Visio Drawings and Stencils
  • Bid-Spec Template
  • Free Cost Estimates/ Competition Cost Comparisons
  • On-Site Training: From Design Engineering to Sales
  • Client-Site Installation Support and Commissioning
  • System Troubleshooting and Maintenance Assistance
  • On-Site and Client-Site: Installer Certification Training
  • Out-Of-Warranty Hardware Repair*

*Please note that any customer who opts not to proceed with an out-of-warranty repair will be charged an Evaluation Fee of $100 to cover inspection costs from our trained support technicians.

End of Support Announcements

EZ TV versions 5.x, 6.x, 7.x


Products List: Part # Cross Reference

Z-Distribution FBR

Singlemode Fiber and APC Connectors

Controlling Signal Levels

Z-Distribution REG

Only one Main–Only ONE Red Main Light Per System:

  • If Multiple Lights are on:
    • Re-plug Electric
    • Check Coax Connection
  • If Single TV is Bad:
    • Check for lights on Z-Distribution REG
    • Re-plug Patches
    • Change port on corresponding Z-Distribution REG
    • Still no lights-replace Z-Distribution REG
  • If Multiple TVs are Having Problems in One Area:
    • Check status of lights on corresponding Z-Distribution REG: Main/Satellite, Power
    • Re-plug electric on corresponding Z-Distribution REG
    • Make sure all “Coax Out” ports are terminated
  • If Multiple TVs are Having Problems over Several Closets:
    • Check fiber link
    • Check previous Z-Distribution REG in cascade for lights; Main/Satellite, power, etc.
  • If TVs are Out Over Entire Campus or Building or Experience Poor Picture Quality:
    • Check Main Unit
    • Check service provider feed

Generation 2 "GigaBud" Systems

Due to several components being discontinued, Z-Band can no longer provide service on Generation 2 "GigaBud" systems. If you have a failed Gen 2 unit, please contact the Z-Band office to discuss your support options.