The Z-Distribution ZHC is our latest generation television distribution product. The ZHC is designed to distribute RF frequencies between 54 and 860 Mhz, which allows for distribution of hundreds of digital CATV channels in their standard QAM format.

Accepting either Single Mode Fiber or coax as an input, the ZHC can automatically amplify, slope or attenuate the television signal. This results in a self-balancing system which is easier to manage and maintain than traditional coax systems.

Z-Distribution ZHC Features

  • Supports either coaxial or single mode fiber input
  • Compatible with Pro:Idiom encryption
  • Optional integrated Layer 2 switch can provide 10/100 data to the Z-Balun for use with Smart TVs, VOD systems, and other IoT devices
  • Optional ZHC Insight remote diagnostic software for system monitoring and management

Z-Distribution ZHC Downloads

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Z-Distribution ZHC