The Z-Balun UNV is the latest generation balun in our ZHC system. This generation provides cleaner video signal, a more robust form factor, and increased control over previous iterations of the Z-Balun. The UNV Balun hangs behind a TV and receives the television signal and power from a Z-Distribution unit. The UNV Balun reads the incoming TV signal and will amplify, slope, attenuate, or a combination thereof to ensure that each TV in your system has a consistent signal level.

The UNV is a free-hanging device with a secondary RJ 45 connector for 10/100 data passthrough, and an RS 232 control port for use with a future release of our Insight software platform.

Z-Balun UNV Features

  • No local power required, UNV Balun receives its power from Z-Distribution system
  • Automatic adjustment of TV signal means no in-line amplification or adjustments
  • Provides serial number and distance information back to our Insight platform for system monitoring

Z-Balun UNV Downloads

Spec Sheet

Z-Balun UNV