The Z-Balun UNV is a required component of our RF video distribution system. Each balun is located at the end points of the system and calculates the approximate distance from the ZHC hub to apply the appropriate balance of signal conditioning to ensure the correct amplitude from the F-connector jack goes back into the TV.

The Z-Balun UNV is a free-hanging, two-way device with auxiliary ports available for IP devices. An upcoming wall-mountable model will afford users the same functionality along with the clean look of a wall plate.

Z-Balun UNV Features

  • Auto-detects distance from ZHC hub and uses Automatic Gain Control to adjust signal strength
  • Aux port provides the ability to pass IP signal to other devices
  • Provides unique identification impedance signature to the ZHC hub for port activation
  • Two-way communication allows users full functionality of interactive program guides, VOD, and DVR features.

Z-Balun UNV Downloads

Spec Sheet

Z-Balun UNV