The Z-Balun UNV/XS takes the form factor and capabilities of the UNV balun and adds a diplexer to enable reverse path communication. When working in Healthcare or Hospitality, the UNV/XS balun uses frequencies that are optimized to work with the Sonifi system. In a system with Cable TV Set-Top Boxes, the UNV/XS uses a diplexer to enable communications back to the service provider for VOD, a Programming Guide, or Pay-Per View functionalities.

Z-Balun UNV/XS Features

  • Compatible with all generations of Z-Distribution units to replace HZ 5002-2 or the Balun DPX
  • Reverse path system can be added to existing systems with infrastructure changes

Z-Balun UNV/XS Downloads

Spec Sheet

Z-Balun UNV/XS