The Z-Balun is the component of the Z-TV system that is mounted behind each viewing device. The Z-Balun receives the television signal from a Z-Distribution unit, using pins 7&8 of a CAT cable. The Z-Balun converts that CAT signal to a coax output so a TV, Set-Top Box, or external tuner can receive the TV programming.  One Z-Balun is required per TV in your system.

Z-Balun Features

  • Adjusts proper TV receive level by inserting proper signal conditioning algorithm
  • Provides unique identification impedance signature to the Z-Distribution unit for port activation
  • Auxiliary port available IP devices; no local power requirement powered by the hub


Z-Balun Products

Z-Balun UNV

The Z-Balun UNV is a completely redesigned intelligent device that auto-detects distance from the distribution hub and uses AGC to adjust signal strength at each TV. The aux port has the ability to pass IP, and with the available ZHC-Insight software, users can turn off ports and check serial numbers/locations remotely. Learn More

Z-Balun UNV/XS

The UNV/XS Balun takes the form factor and capabilities of the UNV balun and adds a diplexer to enable reverse path communication.  Learn More

Z-Balun DPX

The Z-Balun DPX is a two-way device that adds the capability to communicate with a service provider set top box. This allows cable to TV users full functionality of the interactive program guide, VOD, and DVR features available on a residential Set Top Box. Learn More