Z-TV is designed to fit within modern cabling standards. If you are looking to distribute television, and eliminate coax in your infrastructure, Z-Band’s Z-TV is the answer.

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Z-TV is a modern RF video distribution system that sends CATV/MATV video over CAT 6 cable. Z-TV was designed to help customers eliminate coax, achieving convergence of all media onto a single cabling infrastructure.

Z-TV systems utilize two core pieces for distribution of television signals; the Z-Distribution and Z-Balun. Our Z-TV system stands out for its intelligence, and the ability of the Z-Distribution unit to communicate with other Z-Distribution units and Z-Baluns to deliver consistent picture quality to 1000+ in a self-adjusting system.

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Z-TV Features & Benefits


Easier Configuration

The need for only one piece of structured Ethernet cable when distributing CATV/MATV along with the flexibility of the Z-Distribution setup enables simplified system configuration.


Reduced Cost

CAT cabling is easier to pull than coax, takes up less space in the conduit, and supports more applications than coax, saving time and money. There is also less preventive maintenance required with reliable CAT cabling systems.



Units can easily be added to expand the system, allowing Z-TV to support distribution to thousands of TVs from a single master Z-Distribution hub.


Improved Signal Quality

The intelligent Z-TV system communicates with itself; delivering a consistent picture quality to all TV’s within a facility. Patented technology allows Z-TV to distribute television over CAT 6 with a consistency that is unmatched in the industry.