Z-IP Transcoders are used for a variety of applications, from saving bandwidth to changing video formats to web delivery and everything in between. Z-IP Transcoders are compliant with all major distribution formats and allow you to stream your video content to any destination in a variety of formats.

Z-Band Z-IP Transcoders are a part of the Z-IP video distribution system; contact Z-Band for more information or for help in designing a Z-IP system to meet your needs.

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Z-IP Transcoder Features

  • Adaptive bit rate technology for low bandwidth environments
  • Transcoding and serving of streaming content for mobile device and tablet applications
  • Encryption of existing video streams to meet security and service provider standards
  • H.265 transcoding to increase video quality without increase network consumption in point to point applications

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Z-IP Transcoder

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Wowza Transcoder

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