The Z-IP Portal is two products in one, both a powerful and easy to use asset management and software video player.

The video management tools in Z-IP Portal provide everything you need to control your video content. You can use the Z-IP Portal for configuration of your Z-IP TV system; it covers everything from setting up program streams to scheduling Digital Signage and configuring mobile streaming.

Z-Band’s Z-IP Portal software video player enables desktop viewing of live and on-demand IP streams. The ZIP Portal uses an internet browser to support a desktop viewing application which allows the end user to select view up to 25 concurrent streams from a single user interface. The system can be used to monitor security cameras, view internal broadcast events, or simply keep up with the daily news. When paired with the proper support devices the ZIP Portal can also support viewing of content on mobile phones and tables.

Z-Band’s Z-IP Portal is a part of the Z-IP video distribution system. The Z-IP Portal has a variety of add-on modules that support applications such as Digital Signage, Set Top Box Control, and Video-on-Demand. Contact Z-Band for more information or for help in designing a Z-IP system to meet your TV management system needs.

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Z-IP Portal Features

  • Easy-to-use interface is perfect for traders, teachers, news rooms and all manner of customers who desire a simple and powerful user experience
  • Designed to function on both MACs and PCs 
  • Application installs in 90 seconds and does not require continuous updates or licensing 
  • Integrates with Active Directory for Access Control and customized content and channel groups 
  • Video On-Demand playback from both local and network storage
  • Support for 3rd party streams allows playback of security cameras and studio broadcasts

Z-IP Portal

Z-IP Portal Products

Z-IP Portal Modules

Please consult a Z-Band expert to decide on the necessary Z-IP Portal modules for your requirements. Learn More