The Z-IP Portal is the epicenter of the Z-IP TV system and consists of four main components: the Administrative page, Digital Signage Creation, Desktop Video Viewer, and Signage Director.

The Administrative Page handles all configurations and communications for the IPTV system.  Core functions like channel configuration, licensing, and password protection are all handled within the Admin Page.

Digital Signage Creation is a new feature for the 8.1.5 version of the Z-IP system. Supporting a wide array of image and video assets, as well as custom text messaging and RSS feeds, the Signage Creation feature allows you to create, preview, publish, and push customized layouts out to your network.

Our new Desktop Video Viewer is an HTML 5-based IPTV playback system designed to work with browsers such as Edge, Chrome, and Safari. A locally installed agent communicates with the Z-IP Portal for channel information as well as any updates to the graphical interface and keeps your system up to date with the latest in HTML browsers.

Signage Director is the event and activity management platform embedded in the Z-IP Portal. Each decoder in your system reports back to the Z-IP Portal every minute, sending information like the current channel or Digital Sign displayed, firmware version, IP address, and Serial Number. You can create decoder groups, disable IR, force all decoders to a specific channel, or push notifications such as fire drills, weather notifications, or emergency alerts.

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Z-IP Portal Features

  • Runs in Windows Server 2016 or 2019 environment
  • Delivered as a physical appliance or a VM
  • Integrates with Active Directory for access control, sign asset management, and custom channel broadcast groups
  • Accessible via a series of mobile web pages and HTML 5 friendly
  • Launcher page for easy access to all different Portal features
  • Add-on modules such as serial control and Virtual Remote control for advanced system functions
  • Encode 4k 

Z-IP Portal

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Z-IP Portal Modules

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