Z-Band's Z-IP Encode products are designed to fit a wide variety of applications. The Z-IP Encode product line encompasses a series of portable appliance encoders to meet diverse video distribution needs; including QAM Encoder-Modulator models ideal for any commercial RF/ IP network integration.

Z-IP Encode appliances range from single channel, live-streaming encoders designed to provide content to online video streaming sites and CDNs, to multi-channel encoder-modulators capable of providing QAM, IP, and ASI output streams.

Z-Band’s Z-IP Encoder family is a part of the Z-IP video distribution system; contact Z-Band for more information or for help in designing a Z-IP system to meet your needs.

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Z-IP Encode Features

  • Easy to use web interface allows customers to set multicast or unicast streaming protocols as well as UDP/RTP transmission destination
  • All IP encoders support AES encryption as an on/off function, adding an additional layer of security to your content
  • Z-IP portal software system integration

Z-IP Encode

Z-IP Encode Products

Z-IP Encode LS

The Z-IP Encode LS is a livestreaming HD encoder that can send broadcast quality video to multiple content delivery networks (CDN) simultaneously. Learn More

Z-IP Encode 008e

Eight input Encoder – Modulator simultaneously provides QAM, IP, and ASI output streams. Learn More

Z-IP Encode 4K

The Z-IP Encode 4K is a livestreaming HEVC encoder that allows for local or point-to-point content streaming in resolutions up to 4K.  Learn More