Z-IP applications include Enterprise and Corporate IPTV, Telco IPTV, Over-the-Top Web Streaming with a partner CDN, Terrestrial and Mobile TV, and military and secure video streaming applications.

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The Z-Band® Z-IP system offers an end-to-end, enterprise-level modular IPTV platform that includes highly scalable, standards-based encoding, decoding, management, recording, and playback to multiple viewing (desktops, TVs and mobile) devices. Depending on the application, you can get broadcast-quality unicast or multicast video distribution in multiple SD and HD formats.

Z-Band’s Z-IP system components encompass a wide range IPTV/IP video distribution functions including View, Encode, Transcode and Portal.

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Z-IP Features & Benefits


Easier Configuration

User friendly middleware IP video platform for video management


Reduced Cost

Technologically advanced hardware that is best in its class



Ultra-low latency, AES encryption and decryption, adjustable bit rates and unparalleled system redundancy