Z-Band, Inc. was founded in 1999 by three ex-Tyco/AMP employees. Our original technology supported only channels 2-25 of the UHF/VHF frequency range. Though a small company, Z-Band, Inc. was one of the earliest technologies to achieve convergence: voice, data, and video traveling across one cable, on one infrastructure.  Over time, the founders transitioned management of the company to Jacque Brissette, Dan Helfrick, and Robert Mautino, who purchased the assets of the Z-Band, Inc. in 2018 and now operate the company under Z-Band Technologies, LLC.

Since its inception, Z-Band has seen tremendous technological change as well as tremendous growth. Today, Z-Band supports a full band of RF (Z-TV) and IP (Z-IP) video distribution products and possesses a staff that designs, commissions, and supports hundreds of projects in the United States each year.

Each year our industry evolves, and so does Z-Band. We continue to develop new technologies, add staff, and add to our skill set with each passing year.

Our Mission
Z-Band’s mission is to be the industry expert and leading resource for ultra-reliable, easy to use products and services as it pertains to the mass distribution and control of video for business. Working with audio visual designers, consultants and commercial end customers, Z-Band recognizes that each is faced with unique challenges. As such, we focus on understanding our customer’s needs and providing customized technology solutions that save them time, money and worry.

Our Promise
Z-Band will solve your video distribution system challenges quickly and easily with innovative, ultra-reliable solutions backed by exceptional industry expertise and support.

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