Z-Band, the sought-after, go-to resource for customized enterprise video distribution solutions for the healthcare industry.

Hospitals can use Z-Band systems to provide patients with information regarding their treatment protocol or medications, as well as in-room entertainment as they are recovering. Z-Band systems can provide dependable HDTV in patient rooms, family lounges and cafeterias or deliver video for patient health care and family service information directly to the patient’s room. Additionally, hospitals can make training videos available to staff members via HDTV over CAT cabling.

With over 500 hospital installations and 100,000+ TVs supported, Z-Band has become the standard CATV distribution system for some of the largest acute care facilities in the United States. Let Z-Band work with you to design and implement a video distribution system that will harness the power of video and television to improve patient care and streamline staff training.

Z-Band, the sought-after, go-to resource for customized enterprise video distribution solutions for the healthcare industry.

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“This was my first experience working with Z-Band, and it was the simplest television distribution system I ever installed. I wish all installations could go so smoothly!”

Chris Arellano
Walker Engineering, Austin, TX
University Health System, Sky Tower Project
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Use our system in your healthcare facility to:

  • Display educational and entertainment content
  • Integrate with patient engagement and electronic medical record systems
  • Create content zones for different sections of the facility
  • Display gift shop and cafeteria advertisements
  • Restrict content to enforced quiet time/rest time

Universally Used

Default video platform for multiple health systems



Compatible with all Patient Engagement Systems



IF/RF capabilities for SMARTV integration

Staff & Patients Benefit From Full Integration

Palmetto Health had been using traditional coax cable along with an analog video distribution system, and was in need of a solution that could support high-definition displays.

The Challenge:  Create a system which would be more stable and require less maintenance and hassle than coax.


Giving Patients the Comforts of Home with Quality TV

University Health System (UHS) officials requested an environment that would help reduce patient stress by incorporating the comforts of home.

The Challenge: Implement a video distribution system in the new UHS Sky Tower that would not require manual balancing and time-consuming maintenance.


Using TV Distribution to Educate and Entertain Patients

The Benjamin Russell Hospital for Children required an environment to provide in-room entertainment as a distraction for patients from their health conditions.

The Challenge: Create a master technology plan for both new and existing structures, with the existing and new distribution technologies running simultaneously.


Healthcare Projects Using Z-Band Systems

  • Palmetto Health Systems
  • Baptist Health – Florida
  • Kaiser Permanente
  • UC San Diego Jacobs Tower
  • Indiana University Health Systems
  • Inova Health
  • Methodist Hospital Systems – Texas
  • Rush University Medical Center
  • Virtua Health System