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Who is Z-Band, Inc?

Z-Band is a Veteran-Owned Small Business founded in 1999 with its headquarters in Carlisle, PA and its manufacturing in York, PA. The company was founded by three former AMP Incorporated executives who continue to oversee the operations of the company. The original technology and associated patents were developed by Amp and purchased as an “asset buy” in 1999 by the partners.

Z-Band sells an innovative RF Broadband Video Distribution System that distributes CATV/HDTV, satellite, internally generated video, and other video-on-demand (VOD) services over twisted pair/Category Cable.

RF Distribution Over Category Cable

Z-Band’s TV Distribution System is an active, self-adjusting system that distributes the full spectrum of RF television (all analog, standard definition and high definition) channels. It uses single-mode fiber or coax for the backbone, and Category/ CAT 5e or better cable for the horizontal (from the Z-Band video hubs in the data closets to the individual TVs) in conformance with the ANSI/TIA-568-C Series Standard. By cascading the video hubs (not data switches) together in a star topology the System is easily scalable to serve hundreds of TVs within a building or campus, and can also be bi-directional for remote video broadcasts.

In addition, the System can transport RF video and IP (10/100) data/streaming video simultaneously over the same Category cable to Z-Band’s active balun that splits out the two signals for input into the new Internet enabled/Web-based TVs.

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Video Distribution Hub
Remotely Powered Balun

Latest Announcements

Z-Band’s Equipment is installed in TIA Facilities
Z-Band, Inc’s. state-of-the-art  TV distribution system (“GigaBUD” – video hub and “GigaBOB”- remotely powered video balun) will remain as a permanent installation in TIA’s new high tech office space in Arlington, VA which will serve as a center for industry collaboration and information sharing.  Z-Band’s equipment cost-effectively distributes HDTV over CAT 6 cable to a large number of display devices throughout TIA’s building.
U.S. Small Business visits Z-Band, Video Inc.
Z-Band, Video hosted a tour of its North Middleton Twp. headquarters Thursday morning, showing local business officials and U.S. Small Business Administration regional administrator Natalia Olson-Urtecho the small firm’s central nervous system on Hanover Street.
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Central Penn Business Journal
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Z-Band Welcomes Two New Employees
Tony Ignemma is our new Commercial Business Sales Director
Tony brings us over 10 years of valuable experience in new customer development in the B2B.  In addition to the years of sales experience, Tony has also worked in the RF industry/field as a service technician.
Ryan Leland is our new addition to the Engineering team
Ryan has a degree in electronics from York Technical Institute and received additional electronics and computer training from the US Air Force.  He is also an enlisted member of the PA Air National Guard in Middletown, PA as an Electronics/RF Maintainer maintaining the TV and Radio broadcasts systems on C-130 air crafts.


Z-Band, Inc Recognized at Techquest 2012

At TechQuest 2012, Z-Band, Inc won the Best of the Innovators Showcase Award. Z-Band, Inc was also recognized as a finalist for Technology Product of the Year.

New Innovations

Carlisle company brings new innovations to high-definition broadcasting, see here.

The News is Out

If you don’t subscribe to the publication AV TECHNOLOGY then you missed out on a great article about the Migration Path from Coax to IPTV. Click here for the AV Technology Article.


Dawn Meade, CTS,Marketing and Media Coordinator, NET-AV

“If the opportunity for video distribution comes up, Z-Band is at or near the top or our preferred solutions.”

Tim Vessels, A/V Project Manager, South Western Communications

“Z-Band’s tech staff is great and very helpful, everyone I have ever talked to with Z-Band is nothing but helpful and friendly, they are just a great bunch of people!”

Joel Steinbrunner, Jr. MSGT, USAF ANG 166th

“What else can I say, it worked well for us in the past, and we’re excited to upgrade to the newer equipment which will result in better, more automatic signal leveling and quality picture. We’re hoping for high definition in the near future.”

Chris Howard,Manager, Multimedia/Security, Morefield Communications

“We have had very few issues during installation, but when we needed assistance the support team is second to none!”

Brad Hinsky,Biomedical Services, Parkview Health

“Z-Band’s distribution system is excellent!”

Arron Cole,Project Manager, Inova Design

“Z-Band provides a good system to provide an excellent tv signal to a large complex.”

Gary Field,Operational Manager, Penn State

“I thought the video hubs might fail and what was I going to do if one failed, but I haven’t had a failed unit in seven years. As the Administrator, I don’t have to think about it.”

Mickey Stateler, Supervisor- Network Operations Center
Video Systems Designer/Installer
“We greatly simplified our video systems utilizing the Z-Band solution, eliminating the need of a separate coax network along with the hassles and costs associated with post-installation maintenance.”
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Jonathan Stough, Mechanicsburg Borough Manager
“With Z-Band’s help we have implemented a video distribution system that provides
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Judith Dueck, Technology Department Head, Gordon Bell High School
Certainly our objective has been achieved by Z-Band…
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The Best Choice for HD Over CAT 6

While Z-Band technology works extremely well with CAT 5, CAT 5e or CAT 6 copper cable. HD over CAT 6 gives you the additional benefit of twice the available bandwidth in comparison to CAT 5. Whether your needs call for HDTV or video over CAT6, you’re getting an HDTV/video distribution system that is capable of handling your expanding broadcasting requirements as your business continues to grow.

Effective HDTV /Video Distribution for a Wide Range of Markets

Z-Band’s system is ideal for a wide variety of business applications in many different markets. In the healthcare industry, for instance, it provides a reliable HD video distribution system for video monitoring in intensive care wards and patients’ rooms. Z-Band’s system is also an excellent choice as an HD video distribution system for distance learning and other purposes in the education field. It can also be used for high-quality live broadcasts for the military and government.

Other Z-Band System Benefits

Implementing Z-Band technology for video distribution can provide a number of important benefits. The use of UTP cable makes for much easier configuration when compared to coax or a passive twisted pair cabling video distribution system, making it more adaptable as your business evolves. You’ll also enjoy fewer maintenance headaches. Best of all, by eliminating the need for coax installation, you will save a significant amount of money in terms of material and labor costs.

The People Behind Z-Band

When you purchase a video or HDTV distribution system from Z-Band, you get a system that is backed by years of industry experience. Z-Band was founded in 1999 by three former AMP Incorporated executives who bring a wealth of knowledge and a genuine commitment to serving the needs of their clients. An HD video distribution system from Z-Band is the smart choice for your ongoing broadcasting needs.