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Z-Band: The Leader in Enterprise Video Distribution Systems

Z-Band is a veteran-owned commercial video system provider based in Carlisle, PA. The company designs and manufactures leading-edge, high-definition video distribution systems for the government, healthcare, commercial, education, hospitality, and international markets. Z-Band feature an active, self-adjusting video distribution system that is capable of distributing CATV/HDTV, satellite, internally-generated video, and other video-on-demand (VOD) services over shielded and unshielded twisted pair (UTP) Category cable.

Patented Technology Provides Superior Picture Quality to Multiple TVs

Z-Band’s (RF) HDTV distribution system features patented technology that is unchallenged in the industry.  A one-piece 12- or 24-port master hub and intelligent balun automatically adjust the video signal for gain or slope, ensuring the highest possible picture quality to all drops and across all channels across the broadcast spectrum. Through a process known as cascading, additional hubs can be added quickly and easily, enabling efficient HD video distribution to thousands of enterprise televisions.

CAT Cable Is the Highlight of a Z-Band Video Distribution Network

While the Z-Band video distribution system relies on single-mode fiber or coax cable for its backbone, it’s the use of Category cable in the horizontal that makes the difference.  Z-Band technology works extremely well with CAT 5 or CAT 5e cable for providing video distribution from the hubs to individual TVs, using “video CAT 6A foiled cable” enables the end user to get the highest quality video out of their HD distribution system.

By giving you access to twice the available bandwidth, CAT 6 cable ensures your television distribution system is capable of handling your expanding broadcasting requirements as your business grows.

Other Benefits of a Z-Band HD Video Distribution System

A Z-Band system can offer multiple benefits for your organization. Because the system makes use of UTP CAT cable, it’s much easier to configure than a coax-based system. The simple “plug and play” technology requires only a small amount of technical expertise for adds, moves and drops. A Z-Band system is also easy to maintain, keeping associated labor costs to a minimum — you’ll appreciate the way the lower operating and material costs will provide a rapid return on your initial investment.

An Innovative Enterprise Video Distribution Backed by the Best Support in the Industry

While a Z-Band system will deliver superior video distribution throughout your enterprise, our support is what really sets us apart. We’ll be with you every step of the way, from initial video system design all the way through installation. You can always count on us to provide ongoing support and service long after the initial system implementation.

Z-Band’s newly launched IP Systems/IP Video Company offers its customers a state-of-the-art, highly scalable, standards-based video distribution technology to encode, decode, record, store, send and receive video over the LAN or WAN

Z-Band IP Systems’ highlights include:

A Fast transmission of video with ultra-low latency H.264 encoding appliances offering resolution control, and adjustable bit and frame rate

Advanced decoding technology with ultra-low latency H.264 decoding with built-in AES decryption

Ability to transcode video sources for delivery for mobile devices

A blade-based chassis system with hot swappable blades, AES encryption and multiple redundancy

The IP system products are fully customizable to work in hybrid environments with Z-Band’s RF/TV distribution system and other third-party IP video devices.

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