Schools, colleges and universities can utilize video to broadcast events to classrooms, display daily announcements and messages, provide public broadcasts of school board meetings or sporting events. Educational institutions can also use video to provide convenient distance-learning opportunities for remote students. Residential schools can distribute video or TV to dorm rooms, student lounges and other areas of the campus.

Educational institutions everywhere can count on Z-Band’s unique combination of ultra-reliable solutions and exceptional industry expertise and support to meet their video distribution needs.

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“I thought the video hubs might fail and what was I going to do if one failed, but I haven’t had a failed unit in seven years. As the Administrator, I don’t have to think about it.”

Gary Field
Operation Manager, University Park, PA
Penn State Smeal College of Business
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Use our systems in your education system to:

  • A Z-Band system requires less materials and labor, which lessens the burden on overworked IT staffs.
  • A Z-Band system uses CAT cable to distribute video signals eliminates the need to tap into your existing network, which helps conserve bandwidth. • Z-Band’s systems offer the ability to control TV’s and schedule content, to enhance the viewer experience.
  • Z-Band’s IPTV system works with third party vendors to provide content to the web, allowing access anywhere.

Common Areas

Broadcast lectures and events to classrooms and common areas.


Mobile Broadcast

Make sporting events, board meetings and other events available on mobile devices and tablets.


Low Bandwidth

Provide low bandwidth multicast IPTV solutions.

Moon Area School District, Full-System Integration

Moon Area School District was in need of a scalable, adaptable multi-channel video system for their 7 campus buildings on their journey to becoming a technology leader in education.

The Challenge:  Create a system that would be low-maintenance, cost-effective and easy to train new employees and students how to use.


Penn State Turns to Z-Band, Inc. For TV Distribution

Penn State Smeal College of Business was looking for an effective way to incorporate RF broadband video using CAT 6 cable into the design of a new campus building.

The Challenge: Implement a widespread video distribution system to satisfy multiple purposes such as displaying news broadcasts, emergency alerts, sports games, advertisements, and more.


University of the South, Final Four Broadcast

The University of the South’s administration was seeking a way to engage the students and the surrounding community during the Final Four weekend.

The Challenge: Find a way to effectively distribute the television feed of the event to a large number of students in one location.


Z-Band Provides Video Distribution Solution for Gulf Coast State College

Gulf Coast State College needed a reliable video distribution system for the school’s brand new Advanced Technology Center.

The Challenge: Distribute cable TV anywhere throughout the new building without running RG-6 (coaxial) cabling.


Education Project Using Z-Band Systems

  • Arlington City Public Schools
  • Bishop Eustace Preparatory School
  • Hamilton County Public Schools
  • Manhattan Community College