Please consult a Z-Band expert to decide on the necessary Z-IP Portal modules for your requirements.

Z-IP Portal Modules Features

  • Z-IP Portal: Powerful browser-based administration interface with full control over all aspects of the Z-IP IPTV system that fits small to large scale IPTV projects.
  • Z-IP Portal Player: Browser-based client with the ability to play live and on-demand content using a multi-window mosaic view of up to 25 concurrent streams.
  • Z-IP Portal Mobile Player: Mobile Z-IP Portal client offers full mobile access to the entire Z-IP Portal channel lineup of live and on-demand content with dynamic channel listings.
  • Z-IP Portal Player Lite: A compact and streamlined version of the powerful Z-IP Portal Player with a single-channel floating window that is fully resizable and can be positioned anywhere on the screen. Also available as a gadget for Win7/Vista OS.
  • Z-IP Portal EPG: Electronic Program Guide for scheduled programs. The data is sourced from the broadcaster and displayed on an easy-to-read user interface.
  • Z-IP Portal VOD: Add-on module, adds the ability to store, distribute and publish offline video assets. Enables on-demand access as well as scheduled streaming and recording in the Z-IP Portal IPTV System.
  • Z-IP Portal Mobile Content Manager: Add-on module for managing Z-Blades to create, edit and assign mobile channels to iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.
  • Z-IP Portal STB: Add on module that adds a graphical interface to IP set-top boxes, with full access to the entire Z-IP Portal channel lineup with EPG support and AES Encryption.
  • Z-IP Portal STB Remote Control: Add-on module that enables remote management of IP STBs from single or multiple locations controlling a single STB or groups.
  • Z-IP Portal VM: Z-IP Portal IPTV System software suite optimized for deployment in virtual IT  environments.
  • Z-IP Portal GE: Add-on module integrates Z-IP Portal with Google Earth application to present UAV video with MISB-compliant KLV metadata on a moving map.

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