The Z-IP Encode 4K uses HEVC compression to provide the best resolution at the lowest network bandwidth. Use it for local streaming to send 4K content such as Digital Signage throughout your facility with limited network impact or use the SRT capability to stream over the internet. SRT is an open-source technology that enables low-latency and secure streaming over low bandwidth connections with error correction built into the system to allow for quality video on less predictable networks.

The Encode 4K also allows for HDR encoding and HDR passthrough, enabling high contrast color content to keep its intended visual impact while being broadcast throughout the network.

Z-IP Encode 4K Features

  • Dual NICs, one management and one broadcast
  • HDMI input
  • ASI output
  • HTML 5 compatible webpage for system management

Z-IP Encode 4K Downloads

Spec Sheet

Product Flyer

Z-IP Encode 4K