The Z-IP Encode 008e is a dual output encoder/modulator that gives customers the ability to support both commercial RF and/or IP network integration. With the ability to distribute multi-cast IPTV and QAM CATV channels, this device is ideal for adding in-house channels, upgrading to digital, or beginning your transition to IPTV.

With Dolby Digital encoding capabilities and 8-input options, the Z-IP Encode 008e can simultaneously provide QAM, IP, and ASI output streams, all contained in a single 1U device.

Z-IP Encode 008e Features

  • Ability to enable/disable individual IP streams
  • Supports both RF modulation and IP encoding
  • Offers both EAS functionality and support for Closed Captioning
  • RF output supports VCN Auto, VCN Manual, and VCN 1-Part modes
  • MPEG2 or H.264 (AVC) video output with resolutions up to 1080i/1080p

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Z-IP Encode 008e