The Z-Light optical video system is an all-inclusive fiber optic system that includes built-in transmitters, receivers, and optical splitters. Available in 6, 16, and 26 milliwatt options, these 1U transmitters automatically configure load balancing for a fast signal output that effectively and efficiently delivers high-quality video.

Since optical distribution suffers less signal loss over distance than traditional coax, the Z-Light transmitters used in conjunction with Z-Distribution products allow Z-Band systems to reach outlying buildings with ease.

Z-Light 16TX Features

  • High performance DFB direct modulated lase, advanced pre-distortion circuit and digital processing techniques
  • Electronic level setting and adjustments
  • Remote monitoring capabilities
  • Microprocessor monitoring system automatically ensures excellent performance
  • Can accommodate transmission path loss up to 14dB

Z-Light 16TX Downloads

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Z-Light 16TX