The Z-Band Z-Light optical video distribution system is an all-inclusive fiber optic video distribution system featuring transmitters, receivers and optical splitters. Z-Light is designed to work with Z-Distribution units within the parameters of the Z-Band CATV distribution system.

The Z-Light fiber optical distribution system simplifies cabling design and eliminates the need for coaxial cabling on any new project. Automatic load balancing and flat signal output make the optical distribution system easy to install and maintain; and more effective at delivering high quality video.

Optical distribution also has less signal loss over distance than a coax system, allowing Z-Band systems to reach outlying buildings on a campus with ease. Using fiber to distribute video also allows the use of a cable that is common in modern network infrastructures

Z-Light Features

  • Electronic Level Setting and adjustments
  • Can accommodate up to 14dB transmission path loss
  • DFB direct modulated laser 
  • Advanced pre-distortion circuit
  • Automated Digital processing techniques
  • Greater bandwidth capacity


Z-Light Products

Z-Light 6TX

6 milliwatt optical transmitter, maximum optical split is 1x8. Learn More

Z-Light 16TX

16 milliwatt optical transmitter, maximum optical split is 1x16. Learn More

Z-Light 26TX

26 milliwatt optical transmitter, maximum optical split is 1x32. Learn More

Z-Light Coupler

Rack-mountable fiber coupler available in multiple configurations. Learn More