PUBLISHED: 09/16/2013

What Can SMART TVs Do?

Depending on the SMART TV brand, it can provide a number of valuable services for the user. Viewers can select from a menu that may consist of movies and apps (similar to those found on a smartphone), or browse the Web at their leisure. Some SMART TVs support cable TV programming through the use of CableCARDs, while others may require the installation of a set-top box. SMART TV technology is essentially in the infancy stage, and the availability of additional features looms on the horizon.

Smart TV Technology for Organizational Use

While SMART TV is starting to gain some acceptance in the residential market, the technology is only beginning to be recognized in business and industry. In particular, many hotel chains are making use of SMART TV in an effort to gain a competitive edge in the marketplace. SMART TV allows guests to browse the Web, enjoy a greater selection of movies and other video on demand options, and engage in social media networking via their hotel room television. Some SMART TV systems even allow for interaction between the TV and the guest’s personal mobile device. Hospitals, gaming facilities, and educational institutions are other examples of organizations that can benefit from SMART TV technology.

Maximizing SMART TV Distribution

A decision business owner’s face when implementing SMART TVs in their establishment, is selecting a RF/IP video distribution system that can provide the highest level of service for their customer base while also reducing costs and eliminating maintenance problems. For many organizations a broadband RF/IP video distribution system is the most effective solution.

Can a SMART TV Be Connected to a Video Distribution System?

SMART TV is highly compatible with a broadband RF/IP video distribution system. The hub-based RF system consists of a master video hub that allows for simplified expansion via a cascading process, and the IP will daisy chain via the Ethernet switch. Connecting additional hubs can be accomplished via “plug-and-play” features requiring little in the way of technical expertise. A remotely powered intelligent balun fixtured behind each SMART TV, or in a wall box, provides a 100-meter range from the distribution closet and provides the full bandwidth of RF channels. All of this can be accomplished with the use of only one CAT 6 cable serving as the RF/IP transportation medium. The end result is a high level of RF and IP broadband video signals to as many as 14,000 televisions.

Benefits of RF Video Distribution for SMART TV

The lack of maintenance requirements along with the elimination of the expense of coax cable enables the RF/IP based SMART TV system to provide an excellent return on initial investment. The built-in flexibility of an RF/IP video distribution system is ideal for enterprises with future-proofing concerns; adds, moves, and changes can be accomplished quickly and easily.

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