PUBLISHED: 10/03/2012

Standard Balun:

The Standard Version is a one-way device that matches the impedance of the incoming Category/twisted pair cable with the out-going coax (to the TV). This means the RF energy/signal only travels down stream to the TV and does not allow any signal to travel back upstream from the TV or Set-Top Box. (The Standard Balun doesn’t have the extra components required for return RF signals). Therefore the Standard Balun is the best choice (lowest cost) if there isn’t a requirement for a Set-Top Box or video-on-demand device.

When the Z-Band product is used, it determines the distance from the Video Distribution Hub to the TV and adjusts the signal (both gain and slope) to help compensate for the loss in the twisted pair cable. This is a patented feature of the Z-Band Balun. The power necessary for this feature (gain/slope) is provided by the Video Distribution Hub in the telecommunication closet. This eliminates the need for any external power unit (such as a power cube) at the TV.

Diplexer Balun:

The Diplexer Balun is a two- way device that not only matches the impedance of the different cable but includes a diplexer in a “specialized filter circuit.” This circuit passes broadcast RF signals to the TV but it also filters the low frequency signals which is used to send information back from the TV/Set-Top Box. This information is necessary for the set top box to maintain contact with the service provider and also instructs the service providers’ electronics to respond to the users’ video-on-demand request.

Without a Diplexer Balun, the information coming back from the TV would be blocked by any amplifiers in the system and the users’ Set-Top Box would not function properly. And in some cases, even the regular RF programming would never reach the TV.

When using the Diplexer Balun there is another very important feature; the frequency used by the CATV service providers for the return information turns out to be high susceptible to outside inference which can affect this return information. However, the Diplexer Balun automatically closes this pathway, thereby, eliminating any return noise, and only opens this pathway for milliseconds to allow the Set-Top Box to send its requested information. This feature results in a relatively noiseless system that is less compromising than shielded coax system.

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