PUBLISHED: 05/13/2014

Z-Band Specializes in Video Over Twisted Pair

Z-Band’s RF broadband distribution systems feature the latest in video over twisted pair cable technology. Z-Band systems typically include one piece of structured UTP CAT 5e or CAT 6 cabling. The cable houses four pairs of twisted copper wires for a total of eight “pins,” offering a wide range of video and data transmission functionality. The flexibility offered by distributing video over twisted pair offers several advantages over other common cable types such as coax.

Less Bandwidth Consumption

As organizations continue to place increasing demands on computer and data networks, the amount of available bandwidth diminishes accordingly. Eventually, this can result in systems that slow down, freeze or even crash. When CAT cable is used with a video distribution system, one pair of pins is available to dedicate to video signal transmission, eliminating the need to tap into the pins used for Ethernet transmission. Unlike when using other types of cabling, no additional network bandwidth space is consumed in the signal distribution process. Two pairs of pins are dedicated to standard 10/100 Ethernet, while the remaining pair is available to provide a return path for video which can be used for video on demand functions.

Simultaneous Transmission of RF and IP

As Internet-enabled TVs, also known as smart TVs, continue to gain popularity, it is important to make use of a cabling system capable of flawlessly handling the additional signal distribution requirements. By transmitting video over twisted pair cable, the Z-Band broadband distribution system can simultaneously transport RF video and IP (Internet protocol) streaming with only one piece of structured CAT cable.

Simplified Configuration

An active distribution system that transmits video over twisted pair cable is much easier to configure than a coax or even a passive twisted pair-based system. Easier configuration also simplifies the process of making changes to the system as a business operation expands over time.

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