PUBLISHED: 06/05/2014

Category Cable: The Best Option for Broadband Video Distribution

While a broadband video system can distribute signals via optical fiber or coax cable — or even with a wireless setup — unshielded twisted pair (UTP) 5e or 6 Category cable is considered the most effective distribution vehicle. CAT 6 cable actually consists of four pairs of wires, only two of which are required for standard 10/100 Ethernet transportation. This leaves one of the remaining pairs available for distributing the entire video bandwidth, without having to tap into the Ethernet. A Z-Band broadband video distribution consumes no network bandwidth.

Key Benefits of a Broadband Video Distribution System

A broadband video system simplifies the process of distributing CATV, satellite, internally generated video, and other media to multiple TVs — while using only one piece of structured cable. The end result is convenience, scalability, and reduced labor and material costs.

A Z-Band system offers the convenience of adding more TVs via “plug and play,” which requires little in the way of technical expertise. This built-in scalability is important for organizations with an eye on future growth, as the system can be easily upgraded instead of having to be replaced every couple of years.

The absence of bandwidth consumption eliminates the need to place an additional burden on already overtaxed networks. Since Z-Band system is also virtually maintenance-free, there are less labor costs and a faster return on investment.

Z-Band Now Offers a Broadband Video System for IPTV

For organizations that rely on IP as their video source, Z-Band now offers a state-of-the-art IPTV broadband video distribution system. This end-to-end enterprise system features a broadcast-quality blade system that provides efficient streaming and delivery to multiple TVs. A wide range of software and management tools are also included to maximize the system’s functionality. As with all products from Z-Band, the IPTV broadband video system comes with a variety of flexible maintenance and support options to ensure the highest possible quality and reliability.

Find Out What a Z-Band Broadband Video System Can Do for Your Organization

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