PUBLISHED: 07/10/2015

Z-Band is pleased to offer an extensive suite of innovative enterprise video distribution products that can meet your unique organizational requirements. Our products are favored by enterprises of all sizes in a diverse range of industries such as healthcare, military and government, hospitality, education, corporate, and international.

RF Enterprise Video Solution

Our core video distribution technology is radio frequency. You’ll find RF video products that maximize this tried-and-true technology to provide effective video distribution to as many as 14,000 devices. Our RF distribution system consists of a 12- or 24-port master hub and wall-mounted intelligent balun. These two units work together to distribute the full spectrum of RF video via one piece of structured Category cable. You’ll have the capability to deliver high quality video, as well as hundreds of analog, SD, and HD channels throughout your enterprise.

Your Source for Advanced Enterprise IPTV and IP Video Solutions

The widespread availability of Internet protocol technology has led to a demand for efficient IP video distribution at the enterprise level. Z-Band now offers enterprise IP video and IPTV solutions that include a wide range of video-on-demand features. You can also have the best of both worlds by combining RF and IP to create a comprehensive enterprise video system.

Our 4th Generation Product Takes Enterprise Video Distribution to a New Level

Z-Band is at the forefront of video distribution technology with the unveiling of Gen 4 GigaBud 1000, our fourth-generation product. Gen 4 distributes 134 NTSC/6 MHz channels or hundreds of digital channels including dozens of HDTV 1080p channels over a structured, ANSI/TIA 568-C Series Category cable system. Two new options featured with the Gen 4 product are the Z-Band light hub that includes a built-in single-mode fiber optics receiver, as well as a specially designed browser software package that enables you to remotely monitor the functionality of your entire enterprise video solution. Gen 4 is also capable of distributing 4K ultra high definition video and TV.

Benefit From Scalable Enterprise Video Solutions

If there’s one thing that’s true about modern enterprises is that they must be able to quickly adapt to constant change. Regardless of which type of Z-Band enterprise video distribution system you choose, you’ll get a product that is capable of changing right along with you. The simple plug-and-play functionality of each of our systems makes moves, additions, and deletions a fast and easy process. This inherent scalability also offers important future-proofing benefits. As your enterprise grows, you can simply add more hubs and baluns instead of having to replace the entire system.

Enjoy the Reliability of Your Enterprise Video Distribution System

Your organization’s IT Department probably has more pressing needs than maintaining your video distribution system. The built-in reliability of a Z-Band product gives your IT team one less thing to worry about. Little technical expertise is required to add more devices, meaning just about anyone within your organization can handle the task. Z-Band also provides complete technical support for as long as you own your system.

Create Customized Enterprise Video Solutions

Our expert engineers and design professionals will work with you to create a fully customized, end-to-end enterprise video system that will meet the video distribution needs for every facet of your organization. We can anticipate the technical and logistical challenges regarding effective video system implementation. We’ll also handle your system’s installation from start to finish.

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