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Z-Band’s U.S. Patent Details:

US. Pat. No. 7,999,609 / 7,804,355 B2: Managed Wideband Radio Frequency Distribution System with Signal Level Enabling Interface Device

A system and method for managing distribution of wideband radio frequency signals includes detecting an impedance signature of a device connected at the end of transmission medium.  A switch is opened to apply a wideband radio frequency signal to a transmission medium for distribution.  A biasing voltage can be applied to the transmission medium based on the detected impedance signature.  A signal conditioning circuit is selected based on the amplitude of the biasing voltage, and the wideband radio frequency signal is distributed to an output device.

US. Pat. No. 5,901,340: Wideband Signal Distribution System

A wideband signal distribution system for distributing among a plurality of outlets wideband signals modulated onto RF carrier signals within a specified frequency band. The system functions as passive infrastructure and includes a distribution unit having a plurality of input ports, a plurality of output ports, a transmission path, a combiner for applying signals appearing at the plurality of input ports to the transmission path, and a splitter for applying signals appearing on the transmission path to all of the plurality of output ports. The system further includes a plurality of cables selected from the class of fiber optic cables, coaxial cables and twisted-pair wire cables, each extending between a respective one of the distribution unit ports and a respective one of the plurality of outlets, and a plurality of impedance matching devices, where such devices are appropriate for the types of cable used. Distribution units can be cascaded using combinations of cable, such as coaxial cable or optical fiber, to enhance functionality of the system.

U.S. Pat. No. 5,875,386: Enabling and Cable Simulating Circuit for Wideband Signal Distribution System

An enabling circuit for use in a wideband signal distribution system is provided. The circuit includes a input port which receives a basebound source signal, a transmission path between the input port and thee output port, an impedance matching device, and a power source connected to the impedance matching device which combines a biasing signal with the input signal in order to operate a diode switch which is connected to the output to the impedance matching device and located in a distribution unit of the system.

U.S. Pat. No. 6,208,833: Echo Cancellation for a Broadband Distribution System

It is an object of this invention to reduce the effects of cross talk between outbound signal path and inbound signal path in a distribution unit of a wideband signal distribution system. This object is achieved by providing a phase shifting combiner at the input to the distribution unit which has outputs that are 180 out of phase with each other resulting in a reduction in the power of unwanted cross talk signals.