Q. What Are the Input Levels?

A. Setting the appropriate signal input levels will ensure the Z-Band system will maintain the highest possible signal quality at every TV. These levels are as follows:

  • GigaBUD (Input to the CATV Port)
    • Analog only = 23dBmV Flat (all channels to 23dBmv)
    • Digital only = 20dBmV Flat (all channels to 20dBmv)
    • Digital and Analog combined
      • Digital = 17dBmV Flat (all channels to 20dBmv)
      • Analog = 23dBmV Flat (all channels to 20dBmv)
  • Fiber Input to the GigaBUD Fiber Receiver
    • -1 to -4dBm
  • Z-Band Light Fiber Transmitter
    • 20dBmV +/- 5dBmV Flat (all channels the same)

Q. What Is My Warranty?
A. Z-Band provides a two-year limited warranty on Gen 3 GigaBUD and GigaBOB hardware and a one-year limited warranty on Gen 4 hardware. We also offer four different support programs for our IP systems that provide extended levels of hardware and software warranty protection. Extended warranties can also be purchased.

Q. Can I Buy an Extended Warranty?
A. The Z-Band Advanced Replacement Program is an extended warranty that picks up where the manufacturer’s warranty leaves off. The program is available for up to five years past the manufacturer’s warranty and includes valuable features such as free firmware updates, reduced rates for onsite engineering services, annual product training, and much more.

Q. Where Can I Buy Replacement Baluns?

A. Z-Band Standard and Diplexer baluns come with limited warranty coverage, as well as the option to purchase extended warranty coverage via our Advanced Replacement Program. As part of the Advanced Replacement Program, you are eligible to receive a replacement for a failed balun at no cost along with free overnight shipping. Additional Z-Band baluns are also available to for purchase from Toner Cable.

Q. How Does This Affect Network Traffic?

A. Z-Band IP System’s ZIP ConnectMilitary-Grade IPTV Reflector features a technologically advanced traffic-shaping algorithm. This ensures quality of service (QoS) reflecting video payload on any network while maintaining consistent bandwidth.

Q. How Do I Get a Repair?

A. If your Z-Band product needs repair or replacement, please fill out and submit our online Service and Support form and we will provide a prompt response with further instructions. Also, please review the pertinent product warranty information to determine if warranty coverage applies to your situation.

Q. Is It Possible to Control Multiple TVs in Multiple Buildings From One Location?

A. Z-Band systems offer the ability to distribute up to 268 HD channels over one piece of structured Category cable, along with the convenience and flexibility to connect and control multiple TVs in multiple buildings from a single location. This makes Z-Band ideal for operations such as college campuses, multi-site business facilities, healthcare networks, and gaming resorts.

Q. How does the Gen 4 auto-detect circuit work?

A. The Gen 4 auto detect requires a minimum of 10 channels in order to find the master or secondary status of the Gen 4 unit. If a unit does not receive the necessary channel load to auto-detect master or secondary status, software can be used to lock the unit into the appropriate state.