The Z-TV RS232 Centralized TV Control System features a fully functional IP to ZIP-232 Serial Controller, which is available in a 24-port configuration. The 1U high rack mounted serial controller utilizes RF-45 connectors and has one administrator assigned IP address per device. The serial controlled devices (TVs, Set-Top boxes, etc.) are accessed and controlled by the numbered output ports via the ZIP-232 baluns. An external web server allows IT/AV managers to remotely control every connected TV.

Z-TV RS232 Features

  • Web-based platform 
  • Low-cost remote IP control
  • Each serial controller has only one unique IP address and can control up to 24 serial devices
  • Multiple device control software functions/options



Z-TV Balun 232

Free-Hanging RS 232 balun; one balun required per TV. Translates command to TV and delivers RF video via F‑connector.
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Z-TV Control 232

Control HUB that manages system communications from the IT closet to the baluns.
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Z-TV Server 232

Control software that allows for volume, channel, and input control. This can be provided as a server or files can be provided to run in an end-user-friendly VM environment.