Designed around CAT 6 cable standards, the Z-Distribution products are designed to make your CATV/MATV distribution easy and efficient. Paired with a Z-Balun, Z-Distribution provides a solid foundation for all your video distribution needs. Each Z-Distribution unit can communicate with other units and Z-Baluns to deliver consistent picture quality to 1000+ televisions in a self-adjusting system.

Z-Distribution video distribution products were formerly known as Z-Band’s Gigabud product line.

Z-Distribution Features

  • Increased technological applications: The Z-Distribution uses only 2 pair of CAT 6 cable for video distribution, leaving the remainder of the pairs available for transmission of IP or Serial data.
  • Improved signal quality: Our system’s Automatic Gain Control (AGC) feature automatically adjusts for signal loss at distances of up to 90 meters, which ensures the best possible signal even when distributing HD video over CAT 6 at great lengths.
  • Easier configuration: The need for only one piece of structured Ethernet cable when distributing CATV, satellite, or video along with the flexibility of the Z-TV system setup enables simplified system configuration.



Z-Distribution FBR

The Z-Distribution FBR automatically splits, amplifies, slopes and adjusts input and output signals to maintain integrity. Integrated into it is a single mode fiber receiver and/or standard coax. The Z-Distribution FBR is designed to increase channel capacity while offering the functionality, reliability and ease of use found in other Z-TV products.
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Z-Distribution REG

The Z-Distribution REG provides distribution of 134 NTSC analog channels or hundreds of digital, channels, including high definition. It’s equipped with cascading capability for connection to other hubs and bi-directional capability supplying remote/reverse broadcasts from all drops. The Z-Distribution REG also features return channel capability. Download Spec Sheet


Z-Distribution ZHC

The Z-Distribution ZHC is designed to distribute RF Video over twisted pair ethernet cable, eliminating the need for a separate distribution network of coax cable while allowing the use of coax/RF at enabled end point equipment. An optional IP networking functionality can also be ordered as an add-on module to bridge between existing data networks. It includes the capability to self-configure with no additional intervention.