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Television Distribution over CAT 6
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aboutzbandZ-Band is a US manufacturer that sells the premiere RF + IP video over twisted pair cable distribution system. This highly flexible, plug-and-play system distributes the full bandwidth of Analog, Standard Digital, and High Definition channels and IPTV video over one CAT 6 or better cable up to a distance of 100 meters. The system electronically maintains picture quality to all TVs (< 14,000) and automatically adjusts to any adds, moves or changes. The system is also bi-directional for remote broadcasts and video-on-demand applications. This system accommodates 120/240 volts and is designed for energy cost efficiency.

Advantages of Video and TV Over CAT 6 Cable

Transmission of TV and video over CAT 6 offers several advantages over CAT 5 or 5e technology. While all three types consist of four pairs of twisted copper wire, CAT 6 cable features a longitudinal separator that isolates each pair from the rest. Consequently, video and television over CAT 6 provides much faster data transmission. Perhaps even more important, CAT 6 offers twice the bandwidth when compared to 5 or 5e video or TV over Ethernet cable. That means a video distribution system featuring CAT 6 can grow right along with your business. CAT 6 is also an excellent choice for transmitting HDTV over Ethernet cable.


  1. CAT6 video distribution system standardizes on the global “568-C twisted pair infrastructure” to distribute video, the same as voice and data. In many instances it can utilize existing cabling.
  2. Can use single mode fiber or coax as a backbone for multi-story and/or campus requirements.
  3. System design, installation and maintenance costs less than a traditional coax system.
  4. System electronically maintains picture quality, and automatically adjusts to any adds, moves or changes.
  5. System accommodates 120/240 Volts, 50/60 Hertz, and international bandwidth standards.
  6. System designed for energy cost efficiency (75 watts max.).
  7. System designed, manufactured, and source code controlled in the US.
  8. System distributes today’s Analog, Standard Definition and High Definition transmissions and is ready to distribute tomorrow’s IPTV.

Over 130 Years of Combined Experience

When you choose a Z-Band system to supply your video and TV over CAT6, you also get the advantage of a leadership team that has a combined 130 years of business and technical expertise. Whether your industry is healthcare, government and military, hospitality, education or commercial business, Z-Band can provide the right video distribution system for you.