Video Management


Video Management

With ZIP Portal, our user friendly middleware platform, the viewer can have familiar features like video on demand (VOD), digital  video recording (DVR) and more advanced options such as mosaic views, analytics, electronic program guide (EPG) and mobile delivery.  For the administrator; channel viewing controls, emergency channel display, scheduling options and encryption are just a few of the ways to enhance the way video works for you in today’s demanding environments.

Video Management Products

  • ZIP Portal (Z-POR-Soft1)– Site license for 30 live channels and up to 5,000 concurrent viewers
  • ZIP Portal Enterprise (Z-POR-Soft3)– Site license for unlimited live channels and up to 1,000 concurrent viewers
  • ZIP Portal Pro (Z-VIP-Soft1) – Site license for 100 live channels and up to 5,000 concurrent viewers
  • ZIP Portal EDU (Z-POR-Soft4)–Site license for 30 live channels and up to 1,000 concurrent viewers (No mosaic views)

Product Add-ons

  • ZIP Portal STB (Z-POR-Soft8)–Adds a graphical interactive user interface for Amino IP set-top-boxes
  • ZIP Portal STB Remote (Z-POR-Soft9)–Windows application that allows operator or user to control video playback from remote
  • ZIP Portal Analytics (Z-POR-Soft12)–Enables logging of user activity and tracking of live and on-demand content consumption
  • ZIP Portal Player Lite (Z-POR-Soft5)–Site license is for installation on one Zip Portal Server and supports up to 5,000 concurrent Windows users.
  • ZIP Portal VOD (Z-POR-Serv5)–Adds Video-On-Demand capability to the ZIP Portal PC and set-top-box users.  Rack mountable
  • ZIP Portal NDVR (Z-POR-Soft6/7)–Recording of up to 10 and 20 concurrent streams
  • ZIP Portal EPG (Z-POR-Soft10)–Automatic generation of programming information

ZIP Portal IPTV System

ZIP portal IPTV System is an advanced modular end to end solution that empowers organizations large and small to deliver live and recorded video, on a scheduled or on- demand basis, to computers, TV screens and mobile devices over LAN and WAN  networks.

Z-Band IP Systems ZIP Portal allows corporate enterprises, government agencies, military, and educational institutions to deliver real-time and recorded video over their LANs and WANs. The ZIP Portal Web Portal offers a familiar look and feel for users on the network and does not require an intrusive installation allowing for the fastest up time.  Administrators can create and manage video assets dynamically and distribute them across the network.  From encode to playback, access control is regulated and protected using AES 256/128-bit encryption along with seamless integration with Microsoft Active Directory users and user groups.  Z-Band IP Systems support programs also include access to our annual advanced technical training schools, allowing you to get the maximum out of your video platforms and offer the best level of service.

The browser-based ZIP Portal Player uses the most flexible, multi-format digital video codec to offer CPU-efficient high quality playback of IPTV streams up to full HD 1920x1080p60. With powerful features to enhance the viewing experience, such as de-interlacing engine for smooth viewing of high motion content, Closed Captioning, Electronic Program Guide (EPG), Text Overlay and advanced features for Broadcast and Command and Control monitoring, ZIP Portal packs professional grade decoding capabilities in thin client architecture with ultra-low latency support, powered by technology with under 70 milliseconds decoding of Standard Definition and High Definition IP streams.

Software that resides on an independent server

Z-Band Item Server Model
ZIP Portal IBM X3250 M3
ZIP Portal Pro IBM X3250 M3
ZIP Portal Enterprise IBM X3250 M3
ZIP Portal EDU IBM X3250 M3
ZIP Portal VOD IBM X3550 M3
ZIP Portal VOD RTSP IBM X3550 M3
ZIP Connect IBM X3250 M3


ZIP Portal Data Sheet
ZIP Portal Spec Sheet