Allows users to transcode up to 10 video sources for mobile devices.  Distribution source required!

Transcoding Products



  • One Node Supports 4xHD or 15xSD
  • Superb HD/SD picture quality in any bit rate (built-in downscaling)
  • Apple™ HLS, Microsoft™ SST, Adobe™ HDS, 3GPP, RTP, RTSP, UDP
  • Adaptive bit rate with up to 16 unique profiles per channel
  • ZEN Harmony Software for cluster management control

Over-the-top content (OTT) refers to delivery of video, audio and other media over the Internet without a multiple system operator being involved in the control or distribution of the content. The provider may be aware of the contents of the Internet Protocol packets but is not responsible for, nor able to control, the viewing abilities, copyrights, and/or other redistribution of the content. This is in contrast to purchase or rental of video or audio content from an Internet service provider (ISP), such as pay television video on demand or an IPTV video service, like AT&T U-Verse. OTT in particular refers to content that arrives from a third party, such as Netflix, and is delivered to an end user device, leaving the ISP responsible only for transporting IP packets.

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