IPTV/IP Video Distribution Solutions


Z-Band’s capabilities include state-of-the-art enterprise IP video and IPTV system design and implementation for the healthcare, commercial, education, government, hospitality, and international markets. Our IP systems offer an end-to-end, enterprise-level modular IPTV platform that includes highly scalable, standards-based encoding, decoding, management, recording, and playback to multiple viewing (desktops, TVs and mobile) devices.

IP-Based Video and TV Distribution Systems Are Designed With the End User in Mind

A Z-Band system makes television and video distribution via IP a hassle-free process. Our IP network video systems are easy to manage, even for organizations that don’t have a large technical staff in place. A user-friendly enterprise IPTV system from Z-Band also requires little in the way of routine maintenance, which will minimize your labor costs and maximize the return on your investment.

IPTV Solutions Featuring Advanced Hardware and Much More

Our IP video distribution systems feature technologically advanced hardware that is best in class. Depending on the application, you can get broadcast-quality unicast or multicast IP video distribution in multiple SD and HD formats. Other advanced features — such as ultra-low latency, AES encryption and decryption, solid state components, adjustable bit rates, and unparalleled system redundancy — place a Z-Band IP-based video distribution system above the competition!

Familiar, User-Friendly Features for Viewers and Administrators

With ZIP Portal, our user-friendly middleware IP video platform, the viewer can have familiar features like video on demand (VOD), digital video recording (DVR), and more advanced options such as mosaic views, analytics, electronic program guide (EPG), and mobile delivery. If you’re a system administrator, you’ll love how our features such as channel viewing controls, emergency channel display, scheduling options, and encryption will enhance the way network video works for you in today’s demanding environments.

A Customizable End-to-End IPTV Solution

Our end-to-end video distribution systems also offer maximum flexibility. Z-Band IP system products can be customized to work in a hybrid environment with our CATV distribution system, and they’re also compatible with many common types of third-party IP video devices. Whether you’re distributing entertainment, educational, or mission critical video, Z-Band offers a wide arrangement of products to meet your video distribution needs. You’ll also appreciate the way our scalable IP systems enable you to easily expand video distribution as your enterprise grows.

Contact Us to Learn More About the Benefits of Video Distribution Over IP

Not sure if a video over IP distribution system is right for your organization? Feel free to contact us for more information. We can also arrange a free IP system demonstration at your convenience, so you can get a closer look at how it works and how it can benefit your enterprise.


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