Video Distribution HUB Gen 4






Z 2400 24 Port Video HUB
Z 2400F 24 Port Video HUB with Fiber Receiver
Z 1200 12 Port Video HUB
Z1200F 12 Port Video Hub with Fiber Receiver


The Gen 4 “GigaBUD 1000″ provides RF or IP video distribution over CAT6+ cable. For more information, or to schedule a no obligation demo, contact Z-Band today. The 54 MHz to 860 MHz “GigaBUD 1000”, RF video hub (not a switch), distributes 134 NTSC/6 MHz channels or hundreds of digital channels including dozens of HDTV 1080p channels over a structured, ANSI/TIA 568-C Series Category cable system. The video hub automatically, splits, amplifies, slopes, and adjusts the input and output to maintain signal level integrity. The backbone cable can be either single-mode fiber and/or standard coax cascaded to other hubs in a star topology. Hubs are bi-directional and are capable of remote broadcasts, and handling return channel information for DOCSIS 3.0 or FSK.

Z-Band System Features:

  • Easier to design and install than a typical coax TV distribution system.
  • Horizontal infrastructure adheres to ANSI/TIA-568C Series, one hundred meter International Standard
  • Does not have the bandwidth and network complexity problems of IPTV
  • Can distribute the full RF TV spectrum, and 10/100 data or IP video simultaneously over one Category cable
  • Has a built-in single-mode fiber optics receiver as an option
  • Utilizes automatic gain and slope control technology to maintain consistent picture quality
  • Flexible, scalable and durable
  • Uses nominal energy (125 watts/425 BTUs / HR)
  • Maintenance is minimal, life-cycle costs are appealing
  • Made in the U.S. and sold globally
  • Meets all North American and

    International Standards


Features of Gen 4:

  • Can distribute 860 MHz of RF bandwidth up to a distance of 100 meters over CAT 6 cable.
  • Hub has an auto adjust +/- 3 dB slope and leveling feature to accommodate “CATV Input” variations.
  • Accommodates an IP return method for remote video broadcasts, or a sub-channel modulation/demodulation/remodulation method.
  • Launches two new industry leading options:
    1. A “Z-Band light Hub” with a built-in single-mode fiber optics receiver.
    2. A Browser Software Package to remotely monitor the functionality and continuity of the entire TV distribution system.
  • New Light: Flashes for 20 Minutes while Auto-Detect Circuit determines Master/Slave Mode, then denotes Pilot Tone On/Off status.
  • New Input Circuit: Compensates for coax or fiber input signal level variations of + or – 3dBmV and slope variations of 3dbmV.
  • New Function: No longer performs Master/Slave switching. Turns Pilot Tone On/Off. On for initial Install, Off if Channel 26 or 27 exists.
  • Future: Browser Package Port

Ordering Information:

Z 2400 24 Port Video HUB
Z 2400F 24 Port Video HUB with Fiber Receiver
Z 1200 12 Port Video HUB
Z1200F 12 Port Video Hub with Fiber Receiver

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