Video Distribution HUB Gen 3





12portGigaBUD 24portGigaBUD

12 Port Video Hub (Part Number: HZ 6001-2)
24 Port Video Hub (Part Number: HZ 6001-1)

“GigaBUD” (Active Video Distribution Hub)

Broadband uniform distribution 24 port unit (P/N HZ 6001-1) or (HZ 6001-2R for remote video origination over channels 2-6) and12 port unit (P/N HZ 6001-2) or (HZ 6001-2R for remote video origination over channels 2-6). The 54- 860 MHz video distribution hub provides distribution of hundreds of digital, including high definition, channels. This broadband video system splits, amplifies, slopes and recombines RF broadband signals.

A Self-Adjusting Video Distribution Network

The video distribution system also provides “cascading” capability for connecting to other hubs in a star topology, and bi-directional capability for remote/reverse broadcasts from all drops. The video hubs and remotely powered video baluns are self-adjusting providing an overall plug-and-play digital video distribution system. A 240 MHz pilot tone generated by each hub and controlled by AGC circuits serves as a reference signal to generate the consistency and level of output from each hub. The remotely powered balun,  “GigaBOB” on the receive end of the Category cable also adjusts the signal levels to each TV according to their distance from the video hub.

Features That Provide High Definition TV over CAT 5e or CAT 6 Cable

  • The video distribution hub comes as a 12 or 24 port unit
  • The remotely powered “GigaBOB” was uniquely designed for the “GigaBUD” because of its distance sensing circuit
    and  internal amplifier capabilities
  • The broadband video system’s hubs can be cascaded in series up to four levels deep and can distribute the full bandwidth of RF channels to thousands of TVs simultaneously.
  • The hub broadcasts the full bandwidth of RF channels up to a distance of 100 meters over CAT 5e or CAT 6 cable
  • The hub has a DOCSIS or FSK return capability for video-on-demand and/or data applications
  • The hub can operate on 120 or 240 VAC at 50 or 60 Hz
  • The video hub and remotely powered balun system meet UL,  CSA, and CE Mark compliance criteria, and FCC Part 15 Subpart B Compliant guidelines

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