Hospitality (Hotel and Casino Video Distribution)

Today more than ever, the hospitality industry depends on technology to provide state-of-the-art data centers so travelers and guests can remain “plugged in” while on the road. In addition, the gaming aspect of the industry needs reliable hospitality TV distribution for casinos, off-track betting facilities and the like. Z-Band offers cutting-edge hotel TV distribution systems that meet the needs of the modern hospitality business.

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Hotel TV Distribution Systems with CAT 5e Cable or Better

Z-Band features hotel TV distribution systems that can distribute analog, standard definition and high definition over CAT 5e or better cable. Cat 5e is rapidly becoming the preferred choice in a hotel TV distribution system for companies that need to meet higher standards for data transmission than the more basic CAT 5 cable can provide. CAT 5e cable offers users the benefit of a hospitality TV distribution system with greatly reduced levels of near-end cross-talk in comparison to CAT 5 cable. For more advanced performance, a Z-Band hospitality TV distribution system over CAT 6 cable provides even faster data transmission capabilities and lower cross-talk levels.

Hospitality TV Distribution Systems Ideally Suited for Numerous Applications

Take a look at the number of ways in which a Z-Band distribution system can provide a dependable data transmission solution in the hospitality industry. Our systems can be used for:

  • Selected spectrum or full spectrum  CATV distribution
  • Public satellite and proprietary satellite distribution (Horse racetrack, off line betting)
  • Distribution of internally generated live or stored video broadcasts (advertisements, product promotions)
  • Digital Signage (public announcements)
  • Distribution of RF video and 10/100 data signals over one cable

Years of Expertise Behind Every Z-Band System

With hospitality TV distribution systems from Z-Band, you also get the benefit of more than 130 years of business, marketing and technical expertise.

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