“GigaBUD” (Video Distribution Hub) Meets the Needs of the Hospitality Industry

In the hospitality industry, the ability to deliver world-class customer service is paramount. Z-Band’s GigaBUD Active Video Distribution Hub provides reliable video distribution that enables casinos, off-track betting facilities and similar enterprises to meet the needs of their customer base. From multiple television drops to digital signage, GigaBUD can do it all!

Connect Multiple Hubs with Ease

GigaBUD offers simplified connectivity of multiple hubs, with one master hub serving as the backbone of the RF video distribution system. GigaBUD features include:

  • Option to select 12 or 24-port rack-mounted units
  • Easy connection of additional hubs referred to as “slaves,” by using a cascading process
  • Hubs can be cascaded up to four levels deep while providing concurrent distribution of complete RF channel bandwidth to multiple devices
  • Addition of video display units available on a “plug and play” basis

 “GigaBOB” Intelligent Balun

The Z-Band video distribution also features a wall-mounted, free-hanging GigaBOB Intelligent balun which offers the following:

  • Capability to distribute full bandwidth at a distance of up to 100 meters
  • Remotely operated units with built-in distance sensing circuit and internal amplifier
  • DOCSIS or FSK return capability for VOD and/or data applications
  • 120 or 240 VAC at 50 or 60 Hz operating frequency capacity
  • Simplified system design, additions, moves, and changes

Zero-delay IPTV Distribution for Stadiums and Media Asset Management Suite for Recorded Footage

Video quality, speed and versatility can make or break live production events, especially televised sports. You need to keep fans enthralled with real-time HD play-by-play excitement while archiving data and simultaneously providing easily accessible footage. Z-Band IP Systems’ highly customizable IPTV Solutions manage and disseminate the influx of video devices and formats, offering an intuitive, powerful viewing experience in low delay at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.

Z-Band IP Systems’ professional grade digital video products ensure excellent video quality, delivering streaming video capabilities on internal networks, integrate seamlessly with any type of broadcasting system and use relatively little bandwidth. Combining broadcasting with live streaming capabilities, Z-Band’s IPTV solution makes it possible to capture every moment from every source and distribute real-time content within and outside the venue. Local and remote users can watch external and locally produced content anytime, anywhere and on any device, from TV’s and computers to smart phones.

The Z-Band System Offers Numerous Benefits

The Z-Band video distribution system offers the seamless convergence of voice, data and video while requiring only one CAT 5e or CAT 6 cable. The ability to provide high-quality SD or HD television or video to as many as 14,000 televisions makes it the ideal system for gaming operations and casinos of all sizes. Easy integration of RF and IP video is also possible, giving hospitality operations a wide range of television and video distribution options. The Z-Band system is virtually maintenance-free and requires little technical expertise to set up and manage.

Hospitality applications for the Z-Band system include providing high-quality television signals resulting in clear, sharp pictures to bar and food service areas so customers can view sporting events and other live TV programming. Other potential applications include digital signage above slot machines and for advertisements in lobby areas, and “way-finding” signage to guide customers as they travel around the establishment.