Hospitality: Hotel, Race Track, Stadium, and Casino Video Distribution

Hospitality TV system technology continues to evolve. With Z-Band, you can take advantage of new technologies and provide guests with better, more memorable experiences. Whether you’re an owner or operator of a hotel, gaming facility, race track, or sports stadium, it’s important to modernize in order to continue growing in this competitive market.

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Today’s business travelers expect hotel TV distribution systems and data centers that allow them to remain “plugged in” while on the road. Bettors depend on reliable video distribution at race tracks and off-track betting facilities to keep a close eye on multiple race results. When patrons take a break from gaming activities, IP video in casinos entertains — while offering valuable point-of-sale benefits for owners. In stadiums, fans can keep track of the action, even when they’re away from their seats, thanks to video distribution.

Video distribution plays an integral role in today’s hospitality industry. Z-Band offers TV and video distribution systems designed to meet these needs while anticipating future ones.

Revolutionary Hospitality TV Systems Featuring CAT 5e or CAT 6 Cable

Z-Band hospitality TV distribution systems are capable of distributing analog, standard definition, and high definition over CAT 5e or CAT 6 cable. Cat 5e is rapidly becoming the preferred choice in hospitality TV systems for operations that must meet today’s higher standards for data transmission. CAT 5e cable offers the benefit of a hospitality TV distribution system with greatly reduced levels of near-end cross-talk in comparison to CAT 5 cable.
For more advanced performance, a Z-Band hospitality TV distribution system over CAT 6 cable provides even faster data transmission capabilities and lower cross-talk levels. Additionally, CAT 6 cable features twice the bandwidth capacity of CAT 5e. This “future-proofing” aspect of CAT 6 cable can impact the future growth of your hospitality operation.

Typical Hospitality TV System Applications

There are a number of ways a Z-Band distribution system can provide a dependable data transmission solution in the hospitality industry:

  • Selected-spectrum or full-spectrum CATV distribution
  • Public satellite and proprietary satellite distribution (Horse racetrack, off line betting)
  • Distribution of internally generated live or stored video broadcasts (advertisements, product promotions)
  • Digital Signage (public announcements)
  • Distribution of RF video and 10/100 data signals over one cable
  • Clear picture quality to hundreds and thousands of TVs

Get a Better View of a Z-Band Hospitality TV System

To see a Z-Band hospitality TV system in action, contact us today to schedule a free product demo. We’ll also be happy to provide a no-obligation price quote.

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