gigabud_forpage1“GigaBUD” from Z-Band (Video Distribution Hub)

Z-Band’s GigaBUD, Active Video Distribution Hub, is ideal for a variety of around-the-clock video applications in healthcare facilities, including live video monitoring in patient rooms and ICU wards and for use in distance learning for medical residents. GigaBUD can also serve as a valuable tool in patient entertainment and education.

Cascading Capability for Multiple Hub Connectivity

  • The GigaBUD is rack mounted to meet the applicable MDF/IDF port count combination for the various video drops
  • Desired video is connected to the “CATV IN” port of the initial GigaBUD, which becomes the “Master” hub
  • Additional GigaBUDs are connected to the Master through a cascading process and are dubbed “Slaves”.
  • “Outbound” Master ports are connected to “Cascade In” ports capable of providing up to eight second-level “Slaves” to achieve unidirectional cascading.
  • Each second-level “Slave” can be cascaded to third and fourth levels, resulting in the capability for combining up to 585 GigaBUDs.
  • End result is a video signal at the “CATV IN” port of the “Master” that can be distributed to as many as 14,040 TVs throughout a healthcare facility or system of facilities.


The GigaBOB is equipped with numerous attributes that provide HD TV over CAT 5e or CAT 6 cable such as:

  • gigabob_forpage1Remotely operated “GigaBOB” with unique distance sensing circuit and internal amplifier
  • Simultaneous transmission over thousands of televisions
  • 100-meter distribution range for the full bandwidth of RF channels
  • DOCSIS or FSK return capability for VOD and/or data applications
  • 120 or 240 VAC at 50 or 60 Hz operating frequency capacity
  • Hub and balun system complies with UL, CSA and FCC Part 15, Subpart B guidelines

Z-Band Video Distribution System Benefits

The Z-Band Video Distribution System is a highly effective way to merge voice, data and video over one cabling plant to meet the video distribution needs of any healthcare environment.

In addition, our remotely powered GigaBOB balun simplifies design and installation, as well as the process of making adds, moves, and changes while maintaining the highest level of picture quality. Z-Band can provide a seamless integration of RF and IP Video in your healthcare facility.