Healthcare Video Distribution

With a healthcare video distribution system from Z-Band, patient or resident welfare can be more closely monitored, and your healthcare professionals and physicians can benefit from ongoing training. Your patients can receive timely information about their condition and treatment regimen, along with entertainment opportunities, to combat boredom that often accompanies a lengthy hospital stay.
A Z-Band system will help modernize your healthcare facility while also planning for your future growth. Take advantage of today’s technologies to improve patient care, and encourage staff retention with a Z-Band healthcare video distribution system.

Harness the Power of Video in Healthcare

A Z-Band healthcare video distribution system can be used in your facility for:

  • Dependable HDTV in Patient Rooms, Family Lounges, and Cafeterias
  • Scheduled Signage and Video Announcements in Hospital Common Areas
  • Video for Patient Healthcare and Family Service Information
  • Distribution of Interactive Information and Video

Upgrade or Design Your System With Z-Band

With the enormous challenges in providing healthcare today, it’s important to implement a healthcare video distribution system that is equal to the task. Z-Band can upgrade your existing TV system into a modern delivery platform. By transferring your video delivery platform from an unstructured cable plant with snowy pictures into a flexible system with full HD video capabilities, you can significantly enhance the patient experience.

We can also work with you to design and implement a new high definition system with video-on-demand capabilities. With a Z-Band video distribution system, you can transform your healthcare environment into one where staff productivity — and patient entertainment and learning — drive the bottom line.

Distribute TV and Video Over One Structured Cable, and Save Money

A Z-Band system enables the simultaneous distribution of HDTV, IPTV, and IP video in hospitals and other healthcare environments over one Category 5e or Category 6 cable. When system upgrades are needed, you won’t have the hassle and time expense of pulling coax.

A Z-Band system also provides efficient video distribution without tapping into existing networks, so your network bandwidth is not impacted. With the Z-Band’s “plug and play” capability, you will be able to easily add, move, or change.

Get the Most Out of Your Z-Band Healthcare Video Distribution System

Due to the 24/7/365 operating environment, hospitals and nursing homes require certain quality standards, features, and services in hospital video distribution system options. These are options that Z-Band system is fully capable of delivering.

Since viewing devices takes considerably more abuse in an around-the-clock healthcare setting, you must be confident that the TVs in your healthcare facility have the quality, functionality, and upgradeable software that is vital for longevity in hospital-grade units. By doing so, you can get the most out of a Z-Band system.

Contact Us for a No-Cost Healthcare Video Distribution Demo

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