“GigaBUD”: The Best Government/Military Distribution Video Distribution  Solution

gigabud_forpage1Whether you need an effective video distribution hub for conducting training programs, disseminating classified information or for recreational use in military or government installations, GigaBUD from Z-Band can provide an effective solution.

GigaBUD is an active video distribution hub that serves as a self-adjusting video distribution network. Use GigaBUD with video sources such as satellites, live cameras, various media players and more. GigaBUD is also ideally suited for common areas such as lobbies, hallways and cafeterias, as well as critical operational areas like command centers and conference rooms.

GigaBUD Features

The many valuable GigaBUD features include:

  • MDF/IDF rack mounting capability in the port count combination required to address specific video drops.
  • Use of one “CATV IN” port that serves as the “Master” hub.
  • Ability to add more GigaBUDs called “Slaves” that connect back to the Master hub via a cascading process.
  • The eight second-level Slave ports can be cascaded to reach third and fourth levels.
  • Potential for up to 585 GigaBUDs with a capability of distributing video signal to as many as 14,040 TVs.

You Get Top Quality High Definition TV

How can GigaBUD deliver high-quality HD TV over CAT 5e or CAT 6 cable? It’s because of a wide range of features such as:

  • 12 or 24 port distribution system
  • Intuitive “GigaBOB,” a remotely powered balun equipped with a unique distance sensing circuit and remotely powered internal amplifier potential
  • Hub cascading capabilities of up to four levels
  • Distribution of complete bandwidth of RF channels at a distance of up to 100 meters
  • Can be used with VOD and/or data applications
  • 120 or 240 VAC at 50 or 60 Hz frequency operating capacity
  • Compliance with all applicable FCC  Part 15, Subpart B regulations as well as UL and CSA criteria

GigaBUD and GigaBOB: A Dynamic Combination

GigaBUD with GigaBOB gives you a dynamic Z-Band video distribution system that allows you to easily and efficiently merge voice, data and video over one single cabling plant. In addition, it greatly simplifies your video distribution system design, installation, adds, moves and changes while ensuring the highest picture quality, regardless of the number of televisions in your military or government installation. Discover how Z-Band can facilitate the evolution of Video.

Cutting Edge FMV Situational Awareness and ISR Systems for Field Applications and UAS

Warfare today is more complex than ever and is evolving rapidly. Operational units provide vast amounts of Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) data across the battlefield and to the rear HQs. While sheer volume makes data management difficult, integrating the many data formats and footage is an even greater challenge.

Z-Band IP Systems’ encoders, FMV viewers and ISR archiving systems manage the influx of video feeds, footage, devices and formats, offering an intuitive, powerful viewing experience of live tactical video in low delay.  Z-Band IP Systems’ offers a flexible “TV over IP” solution to integrate tactical video feeds with traditional cable TV, Satellite or local base channels.  Z-Band’s  IP systems products have been designed to conform to the most stringent network and information assurance security standards to ensure full compliance with civilian and federal secure environments.

Turn-key IPTV systems for Distribution of Live and On-demand Video on LAN’s and WAN’s

Z-Band IP Systems’ fully integrated IPTV Solutions have been specially designed with video portals suited for virtual LAN’s and WAN’s, and offer much needed flexibility to today’s Government for video dissemination and data storage. Z-Band IP Systems’ powerful and comprehensive solutions manage the influx of video devices and formats, offering an intuitive viewing experience in low delay, with TV over IP for distributing cable, satellite TV and local channels.

Z-Band’s IPTV Solutions allow operators and users to create, store, view, stream and share HD and SD video from any source, anytime, anywhere and to any screen for video confidence and real-time monitoring. To ensure full compatibility with civilian and federal secure environments, Z-Band’s IP systems have been designed to conform to the most stringent network and information assurance security standards.