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Government and Military Video Distribution

Video distribution systems are widely used in modern government and military facilities of all types. These institutions require video distribution systems that can disseminate world current events and deliver training via various media retrieval systems — without clogging essential data networks. Z-Band provides state-of-the-art military and government video distribution systems that meet the stringent demands of these unique operating environments.

Where Can Government and Military Installations Make Use of a Z-Band System?

A Z-Band system can be used in all areas of a military or government facility. It can distribute video to TVs in common areas such as lobbies, hallways, lounges, cafeterias, and bulletin boards, as well as operational areas such as executive offices, command centers, conference rooms and training facilities.

Additionally, Z-Band can be used to implement a military video distribution system for entertaining troops in military barracks, gymnasiums and recreation centers. Z-Band systems can also be found in military hospitals to improve the quality of patient care and provide a variety of video-on-demand (VOD) services for recuperating soldiers and veterans.

Z-Band Systems Are Compatible With a Variety of Video Sources

Z-Band military and government video distribution systems can work well with numerous video and TV sources. They are capable of distributing signals from military and commercial satellites, and they can transmit live video broadcasts to devices within a facility or remote locations. They can also distribute analog, digital, and HDTV from cable and satellite providers. Other possible sources include media players, DVDs, VCRs, and PCs. We can even offer a reliable military IPTV or government IPTV solution for facilities that use this technology.

A Video Distribution System That Complies With DOD Standards

Because a Z-Band system can distribute video over Category 6 cable, it is able to comply with the latest Department of Defense cabling standards, which mandate that either single-mode fiber or CAT 6 cable must be used instead of coax in military facilities. The installation of a balun at each TV also provides an added measure of security.

Learn More About the Benefits of a Z-Band System for Military and Government Video Distribution

Z-Band is a veteran-owned video distribution systems provider with extensive experience in the military and government marketplace. Our services include complete system design, installation, and implementation, along with ongoing product support. Contact us today to receive a no-obligation price quote or to schedule a free product demonstration.