“GigaBUD” (Video Distribution Hub)


The GigaBUD is rack mounted in the MDF and IDF’s in whatever port count combination is required to address the video drops served by each specific MDF/IDF. The video to be distributed throughout the facility/facilities is connected to the “CATV IN” port of the first GigaBUD, which will be designated as the “Master” unit. All other GigaBUD’s will be connected back to the “Master” via a cascading process, and will be designated as “Slave” GigaBUD’s. In order to maintain video signal integrity, cascading is limited to the “Master” and 3 levels of “Slaves”. Unidirectional cascading is accomplished by connecting the “Outbound” ports of the “Master” to the “Cascade In” port of up-to 8 second level “Slaves”. The 8 “Outbound” ports of each second level “Slave” can also cascade to third level “Slaves”, which can also be cascaded to fourth level “Slaves” for a total of 585 GigaBUD’s cascaded together to distribute the video signal at the “CATV IN” of the “Master” to up-to 14,040 TV’s.

Features That Provide High Definition TV on CAT 5e or CAT 6 Cable

GigaBUD is capable of providing a crystal-clear HD TV signal when transmitting via CAT 5e or CAT 6 cable. The system’s hub is available as a 12 or 24 port unit to accommodate both small and large educational video distribution system needs. The hub can also distribute the full bandwidth of RF channels at a range of up to 100 meters over 120 or 240 VAC at 50 or 60 Hz frequencies.

The hub feature a four-level cascading capability that enables simultaneous transmission over thousands of televisions, making GigaBUD ideally suited for educational institutions such as multi-campus university systems that use VOD and/or data applications. GigaBUD is compliant with FCC Part 15, Subpart B guidelines and applicable UL and CSA criteria.

The highly intelligent GigaBOB balun system is equipped with distance sensing circuits and provides remotely powered internal amplifier capabilities.

“GigaBOB” (Remotely Powered Balun)

With the Z-Band Video Distribution System, education institutions are able to combine voice, data, and video together over the same cabling point. This simplifies the design, installation, adds, moves, and changes to the Distribution Infrastructure, while simultaneously providing high quality picture to all televisions. The Z-Band distribution system supports the integration of RF and IP video.

Cost-effective Digital Video Solutions for Distance Learning, Campus TV and Classroom Videos

In today’s enriched and flexible learning environments, educators and students need media solutions on the cutting edge of multi-media technology, enhancing learning potential with compelling material and secure access to online courses from any location or device.

Z-Band IP Systems’ highly customizable solutions manage a multitude of video devices and formats, offering an intuitive, powerful viewing experience in low delay, ensuring flexible educational options so students can view on-demand or experience an interactive learning environment from home.

Educators can capture content easily, distribute and provide entertaining content throughout the campus’s recreational areas, university halls and dorms to promote access to video archives for revisiting taped lectures and related video content.