Education: School Video Distribution System

Generate Special Event Video, Provide Closed Circuit Security, and Facilitate Distance Learning
Z-Band offers advanced HD video distribution system that are specifically designed to meet the needs of the modern education environment both inside and outside the classroom. Whether you’re looking for a video distribution system in K-12 public and charter schools, parochial schools, or colleges and universities, Z-Band has experience in a variety of educational institutions.
With a Z-Band system, you can improve your students’ learning and retention, while also providing a better educational experience overall. Take advantage of today’s technologies to give your students the edge they need.

How Can Your Institution Use a Z-Band Video System?

Your educational institution can use an active Z-Band video system in a variety of ways including:

  • Distributing TV entertainment and news content in dorm rooms and common areas
  • Distributing RF or IP video to academic and administrative buildings on campus
  • Distributing live RF or IP video content for stadium and sports facility venues
  • Broadcasting in-school programs from studios, classrooms, labs, auditoriums, gymnasiums, etc.
  • Facilitating the distance-learning process using video
  • Distributing video to overhead projectors, PC, and smart boards
  • Broadcasting live principal/administrator announcements and recorded activities, schedules, and menus


Save Your School Money

A Z-Band system not only requires less materials and labor, but it’s also easy to update. Additions, relocations, and changes can be made with ease, which lessens the burden on overworked IT staffs. The system’s inherent scalability also ensures it will grow as you do. Using CAT cable to distribute video signals eliminates the need to tap into your existing network, which helps conserve bandwidth.

Take Advantage of Multiple Electronic Video Sources With Z-Band

A Z-Band system can work well with a wide variety of television sources, such as CATV and satellite. It can also distribute internally generated or server-stored video, and it can provide digital or analog camera feeds. Other compatible sources include DVDs, VCRs, PCs, and media players.

We Can Provide IP Video in K-12 and Higher Ed

A Z-Band system is also capable of providing IP video in higher ed and K-12 institutions, as well as K-12 and higher ed IPTV. Our system can incorporate IP with other technologies and deliver it over one structured Category 5e or 6 cable. We now offer a self-contained IP solution that is compatible with higher ed and K-12 IPTV and IP video sources.

Contact Us to Schedule a Live Product Demonstration

If you’d like to see a Z-Band education video distribution system in action, contact us to schedule a free product demo at your convenience. We can also provide a no-obligation price quote.