Commercial/Corporate Video Distribution

Widespread video distribution can be found in all types of commercial businesses and corporate operations. Executives and business owners rely on video to communicate with employees and stakeholders, and video presentations are now a staple in many corporate training programs.
Take advantage of today’s technologies to improve efficiency and profits. Z-Band offers advanced commercial and corporate video distribution systems designed to meet the current needs of your company in the modern business world, while anticipating your future growth.

How Can a Z-Band System Benefit Your Business?

A Z-Band commercial/corporate video distribution system uses Category 5e or 6 cable instead of coax. This eliminates the time and hassle involved with having to pull coax when making system upgrades.

Using CAT 6 cable also means you can achieve efficient video distribution without having to tap into existing networks, so there is no impact on your network bandwidth. The Z-Band’s “plug and play” capability also allows for easy additions, moves, or changes.

A Z-Band system means less labor, maintenance, and equipment expenses, making it an extremely cost-effective way to distribute video on a wide scale throughout your organization.

Use Multiple Sources With a Z-Band Commercial/Corporate Video Distribution System

A Z-Band system offers the flexibility to use multiple video sources. You can implement selected-spectrum or full-spectrum CATV distribution, as well as public satellite and proprietary satellite distribution. Other compatible sources include IPTV and IP video, internally generated video, digital signage, DVDs, VCRs, and PCs.

Where Will You Find Z-Band Systems?

Z-Band provides reliable IP video in corporate headquarters and executive offices. You can find it entertaining and informing staff in break rooms or common areas of a corporate facility. On trading floors, it delivers timely world news that impacts financial markets. Retail establishments can distribute internally generated live or stored video broadcasts featuring advertisements and product promotions, capturing the attention of customers when they’re ready to make a purchase. Fitness centers frequently use video distribution to provide members with fitness education, while also selling fitness-related products and services.

The possibilities are virtually endless. Whatever your type of business, a Z-Band system can improve your customer loyalty, employee retention, and profit margin.

Try Out a Z-Band Commercial/Corporate Video Distribution System For Free

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