“This was my first experience working with Z-Band, and it was the simplest television distribution system I ever installed. I wish all installations could go so smoothly!”

Chris Arellano
Walker Engineering, Austin, TX
University Health System, Sky Tower Project
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“The Fans have access to view the games and events anywhere and everywhere at the Pegula Arena, it is truly the Fan Experience!”

“I thought the video hubs might fail and what was I going to do if one failed, but I haven’t had a failed unit in seven years. As the Administrator, I don’t have to think about it.”

Gary Field
Operation Manager, University Park, PA
Penn State Smeal College of Business
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“We greatly simplified our video system utilizing the Z-Band solution, eliminating the need of a separate coax network along with the hassles and cost associated with post-installation maintenance.”

Micky Stateler
Supervisor - Customer VoIP Support Team
Frontier Communications
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“The Police Commissioner has reduced crime by 27 percent in parts of the city with a new video-enabled command center.”

“A high-quality stream can help boost attendance, connect people when they are unable to attend, and allow your church to have a much more contemporary web presence.”

Hollywood Gaming at Dayton Raceway & Mahoning Valley Race Course

Control Point Technology was charged with designing and installing the audio/visual systems for newly constructed Hollywood Casinos.

The Challenge: Develop a video and television distribution system that’s capable of managing the wide-ranging video needs of a casino.


Staff & Patients Benefit From Full Integration

Palmetto Health had been using traditional coax cable along with an analog video distribution system, and was in need of a solution that could support high-definition displays.

The Challenge:  Create a system which would be more stable and require less maintenance and hassle than coax.


Moon Area School District, Full-System Integration

Moon Area School District was in need of a scalable, adaptable multi-channel video system for their 7 campus buildings on their journey to becoming a technology leader in education.

The Challenge:  Create a system that would be low-maintenance, cost-effective and easy to train new employees and students how to use.


Frontier Finds Value in Ease of Install and Scalability of Z-Band Video Distribution Solutions

Frontier’s Operations and Call Center needed a video distribution system that was less demanding on their IT department’s time. 

The Challenge: Find a simple-to-implement, relatively maintenance free and easily scalable solution that wouldn’t break the bank.


Penn State Pegula Arena: Small Arena, Bid on Amenities

With 6000 seats, the Pegula Ice Arena boasts amenities such as a rich audiovisual experience and an immersive fan experience.

The Challenge: Install a video distribution system with the ability to stream live games to many TVs throughout the arena so that fans never have to miss a second of the action.


Penn State Turns to Z-Band, Inc. For TV Distribution

Penn State Smeal College of Business was looking for an effective way to incorporate RF broadband video using CAT 6 cable into the design of a new campus building.

The Challenge: Implement a widespread video distribution system to satisfy multiple purposes such as displaying news broadcasts, emergency alerts, sports games, advertisements, and more.


Servcorp Provides Added Value to Clients and Minimizes Overhead

As Servcorp was preparing for its new space in the new One World Trade Center building in New York City, it was determined that the ability to easily offer cable TV to clients was essential.

The Challenge: Since construction was already underway, a solution that utilized the current CAT 6 cable was crucial.


Giving Patients the Comforts of Home with Quality TV

University Health System (UHS) officials requested an environment that would help reduce patient stress by incorporating the comforts of home.

The Challenge: Implement a video distribution system in the new UHS Sky Tower that would not require manual balancing and time-consuming maintenance.


Using TV Distribution to Educate and Entertain Patients

The Benjamin Russell Hospital for Children required an environment to provide in-room entertainment as a distraction for patients from their health conditions.

The Challenge: Create a master technology plan for both new and existing structures, with the existing and new distribution technologies running simultaneously.


University of the South, Final Four Broadcast

The University of the South’s administration was seeking a way to engage the students and the surrounding community during the Final Four weekend.

The Challenge: Find a way to effectively distribute the television feed of the event to a large number of students in one location.


Z-Band Provides Video Distribution Solution for Gulf Coast State College

Gulf Coast State College needed a reliable video distribution system for the school’s brand new Advanced Technology Center.

The Challenge: Distribute cable TV anywhere throughout the new building without running RG-6 (coaxial) cabling.