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Television Distribution over CAT 6
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Education (School Video Distribution System)

Generate Special Event Video, Provide Closed Circuit Security, and Facilitate Distance Learning


What Types of Educational Institutions Use Z-Band Video?

K-12 Public Schools
K-12 Charter Schools
Parochial Schools
Colleges and Universities

How Do Educational Institutions Use Z-Band Video?

To Distribute TV in the Classrooms Via Bracket Mounted TVs,
Overhead Projectors, PCs, and Smart Boards
For In-School Broadcasts from Studios, Classrooms, Labs, Auditoriums, Gymnasiums, etc
For Live Principal/Administrator Announcements and Recorded Activities, Schedules and Menus
Entertainment and News in Dorm Rooms and Common Areas
Training Videos for Athletic and Other Departments
Stadium and Sports Facility Broadcasts

What Are The Electronic Sources of Video Used by Schools?

Cable and Television and Satellite Providers
Live Cameras (digital or analog)
Media Players, DVDs, VCRs and PCs
Server Stored Video

E-Rate Information

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The Z-Band system qualifies for: 2012-2013 Federal E-RATE Funding SPIN NUMBER 143023166