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The initial purpose of The Gordon Bell Broadcasting Project was to have a Daily Bulletin broadcasted to TVs in the hall. Certainly that objective has been achieved. The bulletin, full of announcements, scholarship information, meeting times, cafeteria specials, events, opportunities, jobs and more is posted every day. We broadcast our own homegrown stuff such as photos from away games, class projects, various locations of the school for new student orientation, highlight and promote fundraisers from various clubs. The broadcast project also makes some commercial channels available, such as the Learning channel, Discovery channel, CBC News World, TSN, Weather and more. Commercial and school made videos are broadcasted.

Judith Dueck

Technology Department Head Gordon Bell High School

With Z-Band’s help we have implemented a video distribution system that provides Borough Management and our Police Department with current local and national news access via their PCs, selective viewing of prisoner holding cells, interview rooms, and the capability of broadcasting training videos and live Council meetings.

Jonathan Stough

Mechanicsburg Borough Manager

We greatly simplified our video system utilizing the Z-Band solution, eliminating the need of a separate coax network along with the hassles and cost associated with post-installation maintenance.

Mickey Stateler

Supervisor- Network Operations Center, Video Systems Designer/Installer - Frontier Communications

I thought the video hubs might fail and what was I going to do if one failed, but I haven’t had a failed unit in seven years. As the Administrator, I don’t have to think about it.

Gary Field

Operational Manager, Penn State

Z-Band provides a good system to provide an excellent tv signal to a large complex.

Arron Cole

Project Manager, Inova Design

Z-Band’s distribution system is excellent!

Brad Hinsky

Biomedical Services, Parkview Health

We have had very few issues during installation, but when we needed assistance the support team is second to none!

Chris Howard

Manager, Multimedia/Security, Morefield Communications

What else can I say, it worked well for us in the past, and we’re excited to upgrade to the newer equipment which will result in better, more automatic signal leveling and quality picture. We’re hoping for high definition in the near future.

Joel Steinbrunner

Jr. MSGT, USAF ANG 166th

Z-Band’s tech staff is great and very helpful, everyone I have ever talked to with Z-Band is nothing but helpful and friendly, they are just a great bunch of people!

Tim Vessels

A/V Project Manager, South Western Communications

If the opportunity for video distribution comes up, Z-Band is at or near the top of our preferred solutions.

Dawn Meade

CTS, Marketing and Media Coordinator, Net-AV

We believe that Z-Band built a great product, but the thing we’ve come to understand is how well Z-Band stands behind its product and how well they support their customers. We will try to deploy the Z-Band System in all our buildings as we do renovations.

James Baxley

Coordinator of Media Services, Gulf Coast State College, FL

The Z-Band installation proved to be an overwhelming success. They had all the bases covered. I was really impressed with the equipment and the ease with which it was set up. The System’s flexibility, which allows for easy moves and adjustments is a winning selling point.

Geno Schlichting

Communications Specialist, Sewanee University, TN