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Z-Band is a Veteran-Owned Small Business founded in 1999 with its headquarters in Carlisle, PA and its (contract) manufacturing in York, PA.  The company was founded by three former AMP Incorporated executives who continue to oversee the operations of the company. The original technology and associated patents were developed by AMP and purchased as an “asset buy” in 1999 by the partners. The corporation is currently manufacturing and selling its 4th generation product. The 2nd and 3rd  and 4th generations were designed by Z-Band and patented in the U.S.  In February, 2011 the corporation received approval of its 3rd generation product by the European Commission and granted a CE Mark.

Featuring a Rapidly Growing Distribution Network

Z-Band employs a direct sales force locally, a contract sales engineer in NYC, and manages a number of rep firms across the country. The sales staff works directly with design houses and A/V integrators nationally, a select group of “value added resellers” and with key end-users.  Thirty percent of the product is sold through distribution.  Sales have grown by 30%+ for the last five years and are projected to continue to grow for the foreseeable future.

State-of the-Art RF Video Distribution System

Z-Band manufactures and sells an “electronic box” and a companion device which together make up Z-Band’s state-of-the-art, RF Video Distribution System.  The System is composed of an active video hub, the “GigaBUD” and an remotely powered balun, the “GigaBOB”.  The two units work in conjunction with one another to amplify, split, and condition the RF signal from a satellite, cable TV provider, or internally generated video source, and distributes the signal to televisions, video walls or monitors.

Unlike an IPTV system, the Z-Band RF Video Distribution System is not incorporated into the enterprise’s server/switch and because it passes an RF signal, the system does not impact the network bandwidth in a facility. The digital and analog TV signals are distributed on a Category 5e or better cabling infrastructure that adheres to the “568″ international wiring standard.

A Leader in RF Television Distribution Systems

The Z-Band team’s years of experience enables the company to provide cutting-edge RF television distribution systems for cable, satellite and HDTV. Our RF television distribution systems are ideal for broadcasting over twisted pair CAT 5, CAT 5e and CAT 6 (UTP) cable, making Z-Band an increasingly popular choice for the video needs in industries such as healthcare, education and hospitality.
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Features & Benefits of Z-Band’s Video Distribution System

10 reasons you should choose Z-Band’s video distribution system for your CATV/HDTV & video needs.

The Principals

Three former AMP/Tyco Electronics executives with over 130 years of business, marketing, and technical expertise founded Z-Band, Inc. These individuals bring not only electrical and electronic component and system design credentials to the Company, but also a wealth of experience from P/L responsibility for domestic and international operations, marketing, sales, distribution, manufacturing, government administration and electronics intelligence.

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Bringing all communication functions onto a single platform.

U.S. Patents:

US PATENT NO. 7,804,355 B2
US PATENT NO. 7,346,918 B2
US PATENT NO. 5,901,340
US PATENT NO. 5,875,386
US PATENT NO. 6,208,833